T(arts) By LuxBite - Launch Party @ Saturday, November 29, 2014

From the creators of LuxBite we bring you T(arts) from LuxBite!
Yes I know the picture above isn't a tart. :P 

My companion for the night was mother, who was there in an attempt to put a limit to the number of drinks I had (around 6? I lost count) to one and limit the canapes I'd consume. She failed. Jas and le beau weren't available tonight, neither was Alice who would have loved to be there.

We started by venturing down Flinders Lane to the end I have never been (517) towards Southern Cross, checked-in, received cute macaron brooches (last picture). I got the sour strawberry one.

As a small shop and work-in-progress it was almost a pop-up display of deliciousness, as we were crammed into the small space that is to be the shop. Crammed by choice as we all wanted to get up close and personal with the tarts in th display box for pictures. Works of art, buttery crusts, yummy fillings, topped with fresh fruit. All we're missing is a drizzle of chocolate in a contrasting colour for the wedges, though it's still perfect without it. 

Next door was where the party with, with lots of drinks, champagne, beer, mocktails and cocktails meant there was something for everyone, even water for mother, which she approved of being a health lecturer. The mocktails were lovely, refreshing and fruity fun.

This one looks so delicious!

We grazing on some very tasty canapes including fresh mini oysters, chicken skewers and beef & cellophane noodles with miniature red forks - pictured. I hope the skewers are on LuxBite's brunch menu!

An invitation only party, there were about 100 people in a small space, a gallery and soon the party flowed outside as it was cool but not cold. We opted to stay inside for photo ops and the lighting. And we soon rewarded with the arrival of the highlight of the show - the tarts themselves in cute canape size, perfect for sampling. 

I got one great picture of an individual tart slice, but mother has less patience than jas/le beau and got bored of holding the light and wanted me to hurry up. Hence I moved and found a better spot out back, though couldn't seem to achieve the same pictures. 

The tarts themselves were yummy! I prefer the rectuangular ones rather than triangular slices, as I felt they had more life and flavour. Especially the chocolate le beau would have loved and the yuzu one - which everyone loved. While we did get to sample most of the collection we didn't try them all as I had hoped, but that would be another reason to give 'T by LuxBite' a visit when they open next week.

Concluding the night were short & sweet speeches from Bernard, Yen and Andrew (who was on Masterchef), while Bernard claims he's not a great speaker is he still a good one. :) And we had the opportunity to say hi afterwards, which was nice as we have seen him a couple times (not at the event but at the dessert cafe and other food events) and haven't had the pleasure of meeting him. 

Among food bloggers, I saw Cheryl from Cupcake Central (we're excited about their collab with N2 next Wednesday!), Zumbo (who I didn't recognize at the time with his new mustache) and a few others I recognize but can't name. Jas would have loved the event.

We (I) had a good time, and definitely will be back in a week or two, with friends so we can try more tarts! Love the token of the macaron brooch as a memory of the night, which was made with 3D printing - which is more than a magical box that produces duplicates, which was given to me as a simple explanation. Instead the very very thin layers are printed layer upon layer, which is why there's all the lines (best seen from the side).

By random chance I was an Alannah Hill hat that matches the brooch!

Are you excited about T by LuxBite Opening Soon?
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Blogger Unknown said... on November 29, 2014 5:16 PM  

They look absolutely stunning. I'm glad they have finally opened, been drooling over Instagram for weeks :)

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