Today started on the 8-something am train for a 9am-ish arrival at Melbourne Central for the bi-annual Treasure Hunt. We got 9/10 things which was cool. The last one I didn't figure out in time, as I only saw one of the three hints, relying on a friend to text me when it popped-up, which didn't happen, as they're generally not reliable. Story of why there's no bridal party.

Review gave us a $20 giftcard with which I bought a reversible belt.
They also had candy, which wasn't the best timing to set that up. 

Bought a cupcake! Cupcake Central x N2 have collaborated to create two amazing geletos with cupcakes in & on them. The 'Red Velvet Wonder' featured, well as red velvet cupcake and cream cheese geleto, but it was amazing! And worth $8, it did help they were full-sized rather than mini ones at the same price at the Taste event.

The other option was a chocolate/mud cupcake with peanut butter frosting, and a shortbread cookie, with caramel gelato. While the topping sounds amazing it's the cream cheese gelato that I love.

Next was 'Trophy Wife Holiday Nail Art Workshop' where we learnt some quick & easy things to do. Yes I know my colour choices are questionable but we had limited colors and it looked better in my head.

This tree is stunning at night. It also changes colours!

Did you buy anything on special during the VIP Day?

Or try the amazing cupcake in gelato?

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