Mezzett Restaurant & Bar @ Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tonight's dinner was at eatery in Richmond, on Swan Street where you could see the trains pass by. Mezzett Restaurant Bar, which specializes in charcoal middle eastern food. 

We sat outside where there was no one else (namely smokers) so it was very nice. Also lighting was great! Nowadays I do try to use natural lighting is much as possible. 

Mixed Dips (Hummos/Baba Ghanouj/Labneh) $17

We started with mixed dips: hummus, baba ghanouj (eggplant), labneh (soft cheese made from yogurt) and crispy pita chips and pita for dipping.

All the dips were good, I was hesitant to consume the crispy pita chips as it looked like cracking, but on close inspection it was fine. The entree was a very generous serving that to me serves 3-4, if you were to follow up with mains.

Shish Taouk $19
Charcoal grilled skewers of chicken, coleslaw salad, hot chips and garlic

Our mains matched the price in size. We ordered chicken & lamb skewer meals. The chicken was marinated much better than the lamb imo, though jas prefered the lamb. Salad he liked the coleslaw while I wasn't too fond of the sour dressing of the garden salad. But without the dressing it would have been fine. Chips were great! 

Kafta Meshwi $19 
Charcoal grilled skewers of minced lamb with parsley & onion, 
bed of rice, garden salad and hummus 

We were very full by now, but there's always room for dessert!

Aish El Saraya $9
Bread pudding topped with clotted cream, achta and pistachio

Dessert was the highlight of the meal (other than chicken & chips :P) the bread pudding was nice and sweet and the clotted cream complimented it very well. Though it was too much with ratios, half the cream would have been fine. But other than that it was great! 

Inside was a bit plain and there was no atmosphere, with only one couple in the corner.

Service was na. She bought out the dishes and cleared them in timely order. It would have been nice if she explains to us what the dishes are, especially the pita & dips. Jas is a nice guy and believed it was worthy of a tip. I disagree. But she did offer us water. :) 

The food is good - especially that chicken, though service they could work on. For the price on the food I'd go elsewhere though, unless you really love your kebabs. That or serve what we had entree/main between three people. We might be back for chips. :)

We paid $30 for what we ate, through a group buy offer.

Do you ever explore random places near the station? 

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