Parasols & Green Dairy @ Thursday, December 04, 2014

Cream of the Crop Festival 

Held at Ormond Hall at The Village, that lovely place at night with all the hanging light bulbs. Up close there's a checkerboard dance floor?! No wip, it's another bar. If only there were ballrooms and Regency Balls held. 

Tickets include unlimited samples of cheese, ice-cream, yogurt and butter which is totally awesome! Some samples were sized more generously so that they were almost a canape.

I was late (4pm ain't late when you close at 5pm) that or everyone started packing up early. We only tried a couple things and cute miniature cones! Cumquat & Xmas Pudding are great! I love pudding ice cream! Oh and eggnog too. 

We suspect it was because it was closing time, and hence we got some freebies. Cheese, yoghurt (we were offered x2 types, but I only picked full-fat :P) and ice cream! All full-sized products.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see all the stalls as they packed up early, so next year we'll go earlier. :)

I love wedding season! 

We I went for a wander in the parks, there's a magical area opposite 
the arts center, the setting is perfect for a fairy/princess scene.

Wandered around and found the night markets - it is far! And very very hot & crowded. We didn't buy food, only a drink which was good but nothing amazing. The jelly in it was plain.

Tonight's event is a music event. Five rooms, 15mins in each. There was a techno room with a guy with an Afro in white brushing his hair. A room was a guy who strummed a few notes on his guitar and mainly played a recording. Hands up if you think it's a good idea to say you woke up 20mins before work, when you start at 7pm? This guy was a real artist type. The laundry room was more mainstream, I like the scene. This couple I recognize but idk from where. Then we moved onto the black peeping room, no air, paint smells. I have no idea what's going on. A guy randomly plays a drum kit while a girl licks the microphone and murmurs into it. Improv? And the last room was music to lights, this guy I recognize too. This was my favourite room. In the bathroom there was a mermaid dancing in the tub. I would have thought she'd have a bubble bath and have a huge tail poking out one end.

Blogger Unknown said... on December 06, 2014 5:23 PM  

Oh yes!Free ice cream. I am all in for that. I didn't even hear about this event. Must try to go next year

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on December 07, 2014 1:16 AM  

I heard about the event from Hot or Not, or Gastrology I think. It was quite a small scale event, think Flavour Exchange but focused on diary, and at a location further out. Also social media was low.

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