Slowing Down @ Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Monday 15th December

As we're getting towards the end of the year things are slowing down, as we don't celebrate Christmas, secret santas are very fun. Though for everyone else it's super busy - I think, I wouldn't actually know. Monday was work and dance. Also shopping for silver leaves in between, and discovered that the blue in blue cheese is mold...


Not sure what happened to Tuesday... but we did get a huge delivery that mail man lied and said it wasn't heavy, or at least not for him. The cake for Friday's party arrived! Because I have never tempered chocolate before I'm going to decorate it differently. Question, do you cut a huge cake into cubes or slices? We're probably serving them on serviettes. 


Missed a gingerbread workshop, too tired to function. Mail! Four things today, one was something I bought to be framed. I was so disappointed when the glitter was just a print of glitter, I thought it was actually real glitter. 

Work, a lady (who looks a lot like the DA from The Closer/Major Crimes) wrapped a soccer ball, like a bonbon, very impressive. Most $$ thing we wrapped was an ipad, lots of cheap cookies/chocolates. Favourite thing to wrap was a gift vou to a spa in a huge box filled with scarp paper. There's no way she'll be able to guess what it is. :P

Dancing went well, I still can't do the slow rhythm! Unless I'm with a guy who's leading and knows what to do. We talked to someone new, discovering the secret to wearing white and still looking fresh that evening is to not take your blazer off. When I wear white it seems to attract everything! To me when you wear white you can't eat anything or sit. "On Fridays we wear colour" was quote of the day. :P


This week's adventure was a trip to Good Luck Tea House on Chapel St, opposite Coles, a few blocks away from B&P, for Peking Duck. I love duck. 

Tonight's task was unboxing the cake from Dish'd to be served at our Christmas Dance tomorrow night. Because it was frozen, a lot of the chocolate curls/sprinkles came off, but I can easily stick them back on tomorrow. Also the cake cracked in half! And I didn't drop it. But hopefully it'll be less noticeable when it's defrosted and merged a little. I've also prepared the violet crumble to be sprinkled on top.

Not sure how to add the raspberries tomorrow. For convenience I'm serving them up as cubes rather than tiny slices, with a raspberry on top of each cube. But at the same time I'd like to pile it in the middle because for a picture that looks better. And I can't do the pile and then move them because the frosting (now not frozen) will transfer... 


Xray and other scans, that place is perfect for a Halloween event! Hello mental asylum! No pictures were taken... but there was cream brick walls and warm old-style lighting. Light blubs with no covers. 

Next we had a meeting. Goal setting for next year. On the way back we bought cream, which we destroyed later on, whoops. I think either I bought the wrong type or I over did it. 

We got some pictures and whipped the cream. That failed. Next time I'll buy a few just in case. So instead of a nest of cream for the raspberry we just stuck it on with a toothpick inside. Resulting in the 31 Toothpicks Cake.

Tonight le beau was going to come dance with me, but since he asked friends to help him pack-up his apartment for the holidays that didn't happen. So we're spending the next few days together before the annual Christmas trip. I'm not coming as I'm working.  

*click to enlarge*

Dancing can be a bit scary. I don't normally do Fridays, as Fridays are for le beau. I did hide in the bathroom a bit... the dance hall was full of strangers and only a few people I know. But I did meet someone new, well I've seen her around but never spoken to her. She also does events and went to the same uni as me! O.O I have never met anyone who went to the same uni on this side of the city (college is on the other side). 

The cake went well, someone did eat the deco only flowers though. Chocolate Cake from Prague, stacking up on those food miles. :P But we do have jam that comes from the UK. Still cool though as the only thing I think comes from the City of Prague is music, and culture. 


We had work, it was fun. Four of us need to work on being assertive and passive agressive. Two of us are great at it. Me, I'm just damn aggressive and have enough aggression for the team of eight. :P 

Wrapped lots of presents, the biggest was a massage chair attachment. One person gave $10 for 25 things to be wrapped, mrs very assertive/passive aggressive told her off and she gave $20 in total. This is why we have a 4 items per person limit. Next time we're enforcing it. But there are a few, ok more than couple generous people, like the lady who gave us $$ even though we didn't wrap anything for her - we were closed. Also when we're packed up and counting money we are closed, why do you bother to ask if we're open when we're clearly not? In the hopes that we'll open the shop for you? :P 

I wish we did this instead.

Finally bought the screen cover for the new phone. Tomorrow we'll transfer everything. Which is a lot. We also get the joy of learning how to use the new phone. 

Dinner and movie with le beau, 'A Christmas Carol' he picked the latest one and not the Barbie one (yes I have the dvd). Always wondered how Tiny Tim died, thought it was related to his leg? Google says he had a combination of rickets (bone disorder caused by a deficiency in vitamin D, calcium or phosphate. Lack of these crucial nutrients softens the bones) and tuberculosis.


We got mail! Including my last Secret Santa 3/3, stuff from Myer and some serums I ordered, they smell different to the last ones... which were the same brand, so not sure if they're off?

We do love sales! These were down to $5.

One of the last dance classes for the year, being a hot day and near Christmas there weren't many people.  But still we did have fun. Though questionable whether I'm social or not, as I didn't really talk to anyone other than le beau.

*click to enlarge*

 It is possible that I'm just shy O.O more than an introvert.

Hello hot chips, it is dangerous that I they also do deep fried Mars Bars...

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