Summer Flavour Exchange @ Fed Sq @ Monday, December 15, 2014

The 'Flavour Exchange' a tasting event offering Victorian products (made, owned, and ingredients to some degree). There was mainly wine, so if you don't like wine it's not really worth the entry. 

Entry is $37 and includes a glass to take home (jas lost mine) and $14 tokens, for tasting. If you sign-up for their newsletter you get an extra token. 

Taste tests like Mork here costs you $1 (though with the token system the vendor only gets 50c per $1 you pay). Suppose that's why you can't buy products with tokens.

Honey $14/15 - Rooftop Honey x Mork Chocolate $25

Blackberry Vinegar No. 68 by Spread $11

We had a pizza from 3 Boy Baking (Sorrento) which was average. It was plain and simple. I couldn't finish it, perhaps it was the visual that was most appealing to me. The flavours were flat and just too simple.

3 Pies for $4 from 3 Boys Baking

Jas is a guy of few words, and so to get his comments you need to ask then and there. Because he ain't going to tell you later even if he says you will. We need to make friends who are good at reviewing stuff.

The best stall was Cooper's Pies from Yarrawonga at $1 each. We tried all but the lamb. The beef and beef sausage roll was good. Pork a bit dry said jas, and lentils meh. At the end of the event I had $6 tokens left so bought six to take home, which Andy liked. Bunny doesn't like pastry. 

We came back the next day but the guy in front of me bough the one last lamb pie and sausage rolls were sold out. Fortunately you can shop online through an etsy like platform. But the min. order is $70 and so sadly I won't be spending $70 on pie anytime soon.

Cheese Plate $2  - Sofi Drink jas didn't like. We didn't take notes at the time as I didn't plan on blogging about this event, so think of it more of a picture post not featuring wine. 

Yo-Yos I love, especially anything mini! Even though they're as bad for you as butter frosting.

I do like Yarra Valley Chocolate very much, we even went to the factory (with their unlimited samples) two winters ago, but they're expensive. My favourites were the Kitchen Garden Series - Fig & Fennel Seed, Gourmet Collect - Cookies & Cream, Forest Berries, and Valley Bush Tucker Series - Gum Leaf & Wild Honey. *hint*

Farmhouse Direct is like etsy for farmers and homemade products.

Did you go to the Flavour Exchange?

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