Carb Week with A Side of Fries @ Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Monday 19th January

Today, well failed. But we did go dancing with le beau and eat relatively healthy things - smoked salmon & brie sandwiches, boiled eggs and blueberries. And we had chocolate milk instead of milkshakes (the ones with two scoops of ice cream). 


Random cranky old person: What you're doing is wrong! *I'm taking pictures of the wall*
Internal monologue:  F**k you.
What comes out of my mouth: And yet you're the one sitting in the sun without a hat.
Le beau aka classy gentleman who is out of my league: With all due respect sir, you are entitled to your opinion and us to ours, though we do not have to accept each other's opinions.

I have a strong feeling that I was being picked me cause of my accent, people generally don't like us... Also there's a high chance that I'm on default to choose not to be assertive because aggressive is more fun And I'm not trying to be a smart ass it comes naturally :P. Also it is constructive criticism.

We haven't had anyone being racist towards me since last Australia Day. Wtf is his problem?! He was apparently fine chatting to le beau, while we were waiting for a table, until I came along, and he heard or saw me. I didn't take a picture of him by the way, I don't take pictures of people, and rarely ever do. Another grumpy senior citizen came over and told me I could be sued for taking pictures of people. I AM NOT TAKING PICTURES OF PEOPLE! It's not my fault they're in the background. Wtf is with old people?! Though I do believe it's because of the general dislike of people like me, with our accents. I can do the Australian accent but it's a bit much and I overdo it, like whenever they have an Australian on an American tv show. Especially that episode of Modern Family.

That aside we had a good that started with shopping, we stopped at Chadstone for le beau to exchange something and I came headpieces at Lovisa, where I rarely shop because they don't sell online. We got luck and got a top hat (no.3) and three basic headpieces, which I might keep like that. I bought two of the purple, with one I'll build upon. There was also a tempting lavender flower headband, but I have exactly one skirt that matches, and so we didn't get it. All the headpieces I bought were $5 each, which is perfect! And what I love about end of spring racing.

Proof that not all my top hats are the same. 

Lunch at Tuck Shop Take Away

Random surprise, Emma sent me a cupcake! Which she designed herself. A coffee sponge with dark chocolate buttons on the base, with choc mint pearls within and topped with cool whip (she said it's cream cheese? but the texture/taste isn't right) with the fortune cookie on top.

On a shopping trip I found Swiss Miss! 80% Sugar 15% Cocoa 5% Marshmallows


Today we made tiramisu about 2-3wks after purchasing the ingredients. :P Turns out we didn't have coffee, so I use a sachet of premix coffee/sugar/creamer and mainly Swiss Miss. Swiss Miss Egg-Free Tiramisu! We're freezing them for a picnic in a couple months. 

Meanwhile I got the location assistant position for an event! I haven't been a assistant before for this event, was on the 'green team' one year and did drinks the year after.

We (I) went dancing, he didn't. I get kinda jealous when he dances with some of the other girls, grandma's no threat to me, but the models are... 


Today we finally went to see 'Into The Woods' which combines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairytales, with the story following a baker and his wife bumping into Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk - all in the Woods. 

Cleaned out a bookshelf and sadly are selling all those decoration pre-wikipedia books to make room for books we actually read/ever open.

Sneak Peak 

We also started and almost finished the 'here's one I made earlier' v'day card, almost because I ran out of glitter glue and OW doesn't have that brand. That and we use mainly gold/silver and not the other colours in the pack. 

The first one takes the longest as you have to experiment with sizes, draft, sketch and cut. But while at OW we bought a guillotine! $70, but with price match and 5% off we got it for $52 and we did try it before we bought it.

Jelly was made, it was bland. The milky one I made last year was much better.

Taking apart that headpiece I bought the other week. 


Work in a hot air balloon but with less air, that spot next to the air hole is awesome though. Got some ok pictures - shall bring the DSLR another day for better pictures.

Bubble Cup, coconut milk tea 50% sugar and less ice with boba I love! 
This one's more a skim version compared to ChaTime. Yes I'd get it again. :P

Went to the art shop, those glitter glue pens I'm after are rare! Onward to my next job, today we had training, and the trainer was prety cool. We both love gelato! That and he's going to be a teacher and went to the same uni as my beau (who is a teacher).

Le beau surprised me after work, with dinner from Spudbar in the park, it's such a nice day in the shade, not as hot as expected (unless you're in a jumping castle). He bought coconut water but forgot it in the fridge. :P Points for effort though. He did remember dessert, mint kitkats!


Dancing and Dinner in a land far far away. Service was fine, tables were dirty till we requested they clean it. The waiter who bought us tea/menus made no move to do so before then. We got take-away as they were closing up. Food was good, large portions. Will be back for the roast duck! 

Blogger electrocat said... on February 04, 2015 8:42 PM  

Don't get me started on racism...It tends to come out in its ugliest form around aus day... Even after 15 year I still have my accent and still get comments and differential treatment as a result...and apparently it is a lot worse here in Qld than in Melbourne

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on February 04, 2015 10:38 PM  

I've got a friend from QLD and he agrees. Suppose if I don't speak they won't figure out I'm a foreigner even though we've been here for 6yrs and have duo-citizenship. Though we all know that's a challenge. :P

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