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Before work one night, well more like afternoon at 5.30pm-ish we went for a quick dinner at DonDon, which I've tried before but didn't like. Happy to give it a second chance though as last time it was 2010 or before. Since then they've moved to the side street and have lots of seats as oppose to being a take-away only place. The location might have changed but the quick service hasn't.

As you can see it was crowded/busy. Also that guy is very tall!

The Menu

Don Don Box $8.70 

I had the bento with rice topped with seaweed, terriyaki chicken, beef, salad + tofu and dessert being a slice of rockmelon and watermelon. All for under $10. D

When you cut prices you compromise of something else, like quality. Chicken was chewy and inedible. But the Teriyaki sauce and rice with the salad was very good. I would get a salad from this place, especially with that Kewpie Mayo and tofu.

But other than that chicken is a no go. The beef was very fatty, and I couldn't eat it at all - I did try a couple pieces though, enough to say it wasn't bland. The portion is very big that I couldn't finish it! And I love the dessert on the side.

Another visit to DonDon (a couple days later), as I'm giving it a third chance.

There's lots of seats. 

And a slightly upstairs area too. 

Miso Soup $1.50

A miso I always order when we have Japanese food, and this one was good, not too salty, with bits of seaweed floating around. It wasn't watery, with the right flavours. 

Soba Salad $8.70

I had the soba noodles with veggies, in one huge serving that I ate over two sittings. It was a bit bland, except the salad which had dressing under everything. Needs more flavours, beef or tofu (more than just a small slice) and finished off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. 

Like the bento it came with two slices of fruit which was nice, and service was just as fast as last time. While DonDon is popular it's not for my taste buds being bland or a case of burnt/chewy chicken. 

Don Don Box $8.70

Jas had the bento which he said was "ok" that's all you're going to get out of him. Not much of a talker on food when he knows I'm doing a review, but he does know food. The chicken today was a bit burnt, and chewy because it was overcooked yesterday. 

I wouldn't go back again or recommend anything, except for the miso soup if they serve it as a drink in a take-away cup.

Do you like Don Don?

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Blogger Unknown said... on February 05, 2015 5:26 PM  

Hmmm, the cheapness is awesome but disappointing about the chewy meat.
I'm with you though, the salads look excellent. I may give it a try and stick to vegetarian options.

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