Burgers, Bentos on the Runway @ Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday 16th March

Another Monday where I make it to 1/2 classes, but this time I was on time! And we had time to get some pictures along the way. There was a house that was so close to the sidewalk with lots of windows/glass, and so welcoming it was like a store design from the wild west. 

Today in theatre we went exploring, I stumbled a lot with rocky terrain and uneven floorboard, a bit of a damsel in distress. Saw three starfish, while others saw a dead bird beside the rails, a lack of the resident cat and others things I forget...

Busy week, I feel so rushed and crowded lately! Even though I have plenty of me time, living a pretty solitary life. Every night this week or day is booked out. Night that I'm not in class I'm in meetings, or work/shows - which I love. Sat we got maybe a movie, wedding open day with le beau. Sunday 5.30am work, a meeting, nap at the apartment, and then fashion show. Thinking of not going to the last thing, we all know I'm there for the show bags anyway, which they don't have. 


The day started with discussions, am I doing too much? I think so, but struggle to say no or slow down. For example tonight we went our for dinner, a meeting followed and then off to the runway (sadly not for a flight though :P).

Three night/days a week I have classes. So you'd ask what happens with the other four days? Well, I'll be at events, working (which I don't need to), meetings and various dr appointments. I need to slow down. But then will I feel a void in my week? Friday night we often spend at home, after a week of being apart. 

Off to the library, where not much got done. Had a breakdown because I couldn't choose between two events and was I couldn't do both, and she was mean! I had a breakdown in public, and yes I cried. A very rare sight.

Dinner was better, cute sliders! From x just around the corner from Flagstaff Gardens. Service was lovely, unlike all the fruit flies attacking me! I was indoors by the window and there were so many! So it was hard to take pictures. Sliders were great though, though the cranberry was a bit flat. Need to ramp up the flavours (sugar) there. I love the classic and onion relish though.

First committee meeting for the year, three present, more to come. It'll build up over time. This year I'm doing catering. Trying new things! We took on a smaller role, as I'm hoping to get a few committee/event planner parts this year.

Met up at fed sq to take the bus to Docklands, bus was late so we missed it - we left before it got there. Stressing! They didn't say where it was, though luckily jas recognized the background and location in the picture. 

Docklands, no need to ask where the bathroom is, I can smell them portaloos. Whose genius idea was it to have the media board in the walkway? People stop to take pictures and there's no way but other than to go between them. As we were on time there was no time to visit the Priceline Booth, that'll happen Sunday. 

Thanks #vamff for the aisle seats! Much better than being in the middle. On arrival there was drinks, I may have had too many. But that mandarin was delicious, with all 20g+ of sugar in a 200ml bottle. The show was 30mins though time flew by and it felt less than that. 


When you're so stressed you're actually clam... that happened today. We got to school, did lots of work though not enough to meet the deadlines. Got more done after class, still not done. 

The bus never came, next bus 20mins, as we got to the station the train left, another 20mins wait. Got to the city, 18min wait, though fortunately there was food - haven't had solids all day, being so busy/stressed we've just had a box of cookies and drinks. We resisted  the croissant and nuggets/fries, and went for the Wardolf Sandwich which was yummy, all that was missing was brie and cranberry jelly.

Planned to have lunch not alone tomorrow, tis scary. What do people talk about over lunch with acquaintances? Acquaintances you know nothing about other than where he works, and other bits and pieces his mother told you about him. It's not stalk-ish cause I didn't ask. :P 

Why working late is a bad idea: you think efficient & effective is the same thing and can't seem to remember the difference...


Today I got up at 10am, it was a real struggle being nocturnal and only rising after noon, but we did it! Motivated by a sushi burger.11.30am is when they open, 12.30-1.30 lunch rush. We were out by 12pm, and go to the meeting before the other party.

Had a bento, it was average. But dessert was delicious! Meanwhile morman (who isn't actually a morman, he just looks like one, the recruiters) consumed three sushi rolls within 15 mins or less - literally. He doesn't go out much, works two jobs, dances (4+? times a week) and a wife takes up most of his time. And so I do feel special that he made time, even if it's just 15mins to see me. :)

He suggested coffee next time, and likes shots. Catch-up for 2 minutes or less? :P But he also suggested going for drinks, which he won't be affect his personality (sadly, he's is very quiet). But I'm sure he has more personality than that. I know he doesn't eat out much or have an urbanspoon list, but still I don't know anything about him that I didn't get through his wife or mother. Yeah that's creepy. 

Morman soon rushed off back to work, work sounds intense and scary... gosh he must love his job, or be motivated by being paid by the minute! *I don't want to be an adult!* Meanwhile I spent the next hour enjoying lunch in the shade by the Yarra. It's not often that I don't eat at my desk. After lunch was a meeting to discuss my exercise routine or lack of. As I really do need to move it three times a week. But I don't feel any different not moving?

Drinks. Peach's great, but that's 20g of sugar...

Research methods is never fun, but it's a core. I was away last week and the only one who did the homework??? Teacher didn't reply to my email so I thought I messed up and she was too shocked to reply! Tis was the opposite... 

Class ended early, early enough that I'd make it to an 8pm show in the city, potentially. Though the show of the night, after a stop for drinks at Safeway, was doing a internship app. A creative one. Got my 500 words, just need to creatively present it.


Friday Night we saw 'Fake it 'til you Make it (UK)' a Edinburgh Fringe First Winner, Bryony Kimmings’ new work about clinical depression and men… from two people who know ALL about it!

Expect homemade music, stupid dancing, onstage arguments, real-life stories, tears and truths. A wickedly heart-warming and funny celebration of the wonders and pitfalls of the human brain that seeks to unpick what it takes to be a "real man".

It's a show that discusses clinical depression and how scary it is as a man. Because you're seen as a rock (le beau's certainly mine) and always the strong one. Men don't cry or seek help, rather they are macho/hide feelings and would rather take action. After the show there was a panel of experts for a Q&As session.

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