Crepe Cake at Little Rogue @ Monday, March 23, 2015

Melbourne loves its laneways, hidden secrets. One of which holds a cafe with crepe cake. 

I've walked past this lane, Drewery Lane many times, as it's between Forever New and my favourite sushi place Tokui Sushi, but have never wandered down this lane. 

Little Rogue is a small cafe, in a hard to find location. They do coffee and cake. Simple.

The deco style is simple but I like it.

Seats about 12 people. The logo's very interesting, it's that symbol from Deathly Hollows, Harry Potter, the elder wand (stick/line in the middle), the invisibility cloak (triangle) and resurrection stone (circle). The only thing wrong is the triangle is an different type, not equilateral.  

If le beau was here he'd order the salted caramel cookie. 

I had the coconut pandan crepe cake, it was tiny but delicious! Would I get it again? No, sorry. It's too small and expensive. But if it was $4 I'd get it again, $7 is too much though.

Have you tried the amazing crepe cake?

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Blogger Unknown said... on March 27, 2015 12:43 PM  

I've so been meaning to try this place. I've never had a crepe cake but I absolutely must. They look amazing.

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on March 27, 2015 8:37 PM  

They are amazing! If you follow them on instagram you can check out which flavours they have each week.

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