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Monday 23rd February

First day back, on the way to class we picked up the book (later found out it was the wrong edition) and well, made it to class on time. Afternoon classes are great, the samurai and Chanel are in the same class! This hasn't happened since, well last year. It's pretty cool, the class is chill, no competition. I'm not even in the same field as everyone else. 

The teacher is strange and has a 'always positive' rule, which clashes with honest feedback. She says you never know how fragile someone can be... which is hilarious because in my field we're crazy competitive and you need lead amour to survive. There really should be a book on "The Games Girls Plays" or "Welcome to Girl World", she has no idea what is it like to survive. And not only do you need to survive, you need to thrive.

There's a book we need, by book she means the first 5 pages. Normal people just scan/copy and send it to us. Instead she tells us it can downloaded free online, no hints. Well I can't find it... 

Met up with the samurai after class, while Chanel ran off (to work we assume). The samurai is phd material and knows lots of things, much like le beau. They also have the same name. Tactics on how to make friends, in particular with mr & mrs morman. We established that you can't have one without the other, and how to target the mrs. I have no female friends, and my idea on how they work isn't the best. Other than talk to them, say nice things and stuff. Another tactic is events for couples, to show you're no threat.

Bottom left was dinner. Others are things I ate last week, no I don't share everything I eat. :P 

Quick dinner on the way to my next class. Missed the train because I was no aware that they only use the back half of the train! I never take that train! So we took the tram instead, which got us there just in time. 

Last dance class for well, till after June/July exams. I have seemed to reach a new level of shallowness. Morman speaks in short concise sentences, or preferably words. He asked me to dance once tonight which was odd, he doesn't normally ask me to dance. Ever. Unless we're the last two people standing, rare as he's popular (he's good on the dance floor, and other sporty things). He opened his mouth and I got bored. But surely he isn't as quiet and bland as he seems. I get bored very fast. 


Tonight we went to see a show 'Cut Snake', an often sold out show with glowing reviews from the newspapers a "50-minute acrobatic, theatrical rollercoaster" set in a giant cubby house. Here's some information on the background

Kiki, Bob and Jumper are best friends with extravagant and idiosyncratic dreams. Kiki wants to dance the tango on Mount Kilimanjaro with a bearded lady, Jumper is in love with a snake called Trix and Bob’s an ordinary bloke who might just hold the secret to time travel. A comedy about growing up, dying young and being extraordinary no matter what. 

A story about a girl called Kikki Coriander who lives above her grandpa's costume shop, her friend Jumper, and Bob (main main character). Wearing a hot costume acting like a hunchback old crazy teacher is hilarious! XD There's time travel, dinos, Jesus, Lenon, a bearded lady and a faerie. 

There was a use of mine and movement, physical theatre, postures, large things to indicate character change e.g accent. because the actors were always on stage and had to rely on characterization rather than prop/costume changes. It was an amazing show!

Nearby, I didn't know Luna Park has free entry at certain times?


One long day where I discover what the dr mean by saying I need to slow down, take it easy and restrict myself to one event a day. Today ideally we were going to a photoshoot for the newspaper (called in sick, woke up 10mins before it, didn't feel great), a meeting (moved to next week), work (sorry just too much on!) and then another "meeting" (that finished early and I'm still after who to contact, as no one knows who booked that meeting room).

But we did get to class on time, and only took a nap in 1/4 of them. IT *I'm bored* theory ain't that interesting. Teacher wants us to create a report template. Why? Save 30mins and just give it to use, less questions and confusion. Researching jobs in IT, well a certain job. Is it wrong to be in it for the 90k+ a year (after 5yrs exp)? Teacher says no. :P That job also comes with travel 10% of the time. 

As the class ended I rushed to the next just in time to hear the facebook privacy talk eek. I do have a profile, it's fake and used for competitions. *paranoid* Marketing, same teacher as last year :) you'll get over the accent. Mr IT was nice, but kinda boring and to me makes the subject harder than it seems - that or I think it's simpler and am doing it wrong. Interview with the manager, the 3rd one I'm doing. Kinda glad the manager is provided, otherwise I'd have to ask morman (he is that type of manager we're after). 


Went to class, we need to leave before the 3pm rush that goes till 7pm. Went to class, made enemies. The heat caused me to almost take a nap. SpudBar was sold out of potatos. Wtf? At least it was an hour before I got there.

But we did have a cupcake!


Today we had a blood test, saw the dr, went to the city, had dinner on the go and went to 'One Fine Day' Wedding Expo, which will get its own post. 

Who knew Cho knew so much about wedding dresses?

There was a hiccup this evening. At first we were only going to go to the expo, but then decided to go for vodka too. But then jas suddenly got sick and told us too late, so we couldn't go - because it was too late, and we were waiting for him. He was also holding the tickets. Story of how I ended up spending the night alone.

Exploring the City at Night 

Strangers on the Train

It's Friday night 10pm on the train out of the city. The train has just just left the station and a boy in green with a cap and big headphone sits opposite me, leans on the window and closes his eyes. A moment later a glass bottle hits the ground,  and we're confused the girl behind him says something about a beard? Beer? He moves his bag worried she spilled beer on it. She hits her head as the train halts to a stop at the station. She laughs and says f you to him, and they hit it off right away. 

They both admit they're a bit drunk. She  smiles and laughs a lot, along with excessive use of the f word. And they're suddenly friends, exchange numbers and fb. Throughout the journey they're animatedly talking, engaging in conversation showing each other picture. She's an artist from Chicago and he's a... I'm absolutely amazed at how easily others find it to make friends.

He's off to get wasted and play music and invites her. To which she declines as she's on her way home. He amuses her with a fake bogan accent and she laughs. They plan to catch up next week,  he says she swears too much and it's a terrible disgusting habit, she laughs. She tells him about her ring on her middle finger, which he jokingly calls the finger if death, amused. At the salmon station he departs and she gives him the finger as he gives her a kiss on the cheek. 


Work. Ate too much delicious cheese, bread, figs and lemon meringue tarts. Drank iced tea (needs more sugar). Touched delicate fabrics - and no I don't mean underwear. 

No.34 Homemade chicken & prawn boiled dumplings (5pcs) [with] ... (udon) noodle $8.60

What I didn't eat...

Dinner at Shanghai Street Dumplings. In one word: bland. Four ingredient noodle soup: dumplings, udon noodles, green stuff, water. The soup was water the greens had been boiled in. I couldn't eat this, other than the dumplings which had thick skins. 

Dessert was a few blocks away from Melb Central, Calpis $3 and Iseya Bk Sesame Ice Cream $3.50. The drink is best cold and very good, I've written about it before (here). The ice cream was creamy and nutty, but smooth without the black sesame seeds being in there.

You can get the same ice cream in Black Sesame. Red Bean, Taro, Green Tea, cheaper at $3 from Ace Mart, also in the city. Conveniently there is no address listed on their website, only a vague location.

Tokyo Homemart also had KitKats! But not the blueberry cheese cake or calpis I'm after they had... Strawberry $6, Raspberry/Matcha/Green Tea $6.55 and Dark Choc $7. They are mini 12 packets of kitkats. When the weather is cooler we'll buy them all, except dark chocolate. We also found choc pudding kitkats for $8.50 at Ace Mart. Price match? :P

I found the difference between Calpis Soda & Water! The soda has bubbles and is a carbonated drink while no bubbles aka non-carbonated is water. Daiso & Sushi Hotaru stock Calpis Water. Not sure which I like better as I didn't have them at the same time.

Tonight's adventure was to the concert hall with le familie, grandpa wants me to practice my French, which we can say is much better than my appalling Chinese & Japanese. Going with the family was a bad idea, mother said it was too loud and the seats were as good as the movies, father slept during the first half and did his anti-asian muttering the second half, with his intense dislike of them. Saying they're taking over the world, which is true. Back home we flew the flag in the yard. Everyone did, but we do know a lot of people don't like us here...

The concert was great though, and having the cute passionate violin guy at the front did help :P le beau is a fan too, because he's also a musician. The first half was great, with classics we knew (except one) and ended with 'O mio babbino caro'. There was piece I wasn't into because it was the same notes over and over, but adding more instruments each time. It took way too long...

The second half, best part was the last 5mins where water was used to create music. That takes skills! Other than that I got bored because I didn't understand what was going on. There was a video playing, no idea what that was about but I think it was telling a story? All I know is that being a peasant anywhere sucks. 


Today we met for lunch, or rather snacks. Lobster Rolls, Soda and Cupcakes! Someone had a marketing fail, the colours of the cupcake kitchen were from the 'Great Bake Off Show' but ther was no logos or signs anywhere. Checked out MFWF at the bridge, similar to last year it's predominately a bar with $20 nibbles, this year in the form of cheese platters.

Pinchy's Lobster Roll - The inside is the same as at the festivals, but the bread isn't the same type of the other, custom order from Breadtop, grilled on the sides with butter. 

Pinchy's Housemixed Soda - Mineral water on tap + lime cordial + peach bitters. Refreshing burst of bubbles without sugar. It's flavoured water.

We then had $2 coffee or rather hot chocolate at Crown's Alfresco Kitchen, sadly today's the last day. Would have been nice if it was around and we had time to take a stroll each day. :P

Completely missed MFWF Sweet Alley as it was far away and we saw it from across the bridge. That and I think I hit my weekly sugar limit yesterday.

These guys are so cute! 

Lunch was going to be at Wagaya, but the kitchen closes before the place does, though we only found it today when we called - so glad I do that. Kitchen closes 30mins before closing time, latest lunch is 2.20pm.

So instead we went to Sushi Hotaru, which also uses the ipad ordering system. It's a sushi train! I've never been to a sushi train before. The summary was it ok was, it's more about the experience. Deep fried chicken is always good, Calpis too, but I won't be back.

Have you been to a sushi train restaurant?

Blogger RMIT Newintstudents said... on March 05, 2015 11:05 AM  

Hey Charlie did you go to Bridge Road that day? About 30 restaurants were $5 tasting plates that day. Review to come soon

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on March 06, 2015 1:33 AM  

Sadly I'm limited to one event a day, whether it be a meeting, dinner or adventure, since the dr wants me to slow down.

My email is on the toolbar btw. ;)

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