The Beach - Revisited V2. @ Friday, April 17, 2015

Thursday 9th March - 8pm Dinner

This week's food adventure is a revisit to a favourite restaurants, that has changed a lot since our first visit a few years ago. The uniforms and service, it's a hit/miss these days, though nothing too bad. There's more dust, but the food has remained as good as our first visit. It's possible that managment has changed, but the kitchen hasn't.

I love buying Groupons, and I don't think we've had a bad experience, not recently anyway. Except once when The Beach ditched our booking (but did tell us) in favour of diners not using a voucher. I don't like the word voucher, as it reminds me of food stamps and the likes. There's a negative cloud around it.

We bought the $45 dinner for two, one entree to share, a main & dessert each, and drink each.

Jas had a tap beer (the one on the left) which he said was good.

I had a mixture of four juices. Apple, orange, pineapple and cranberry. The type they have at clubs and bars for cock/mocktails. Breakfast juice Jas calls it, it was nice. 

Scallops in the Shell (4) $15
Oven baked with garlic butter and pangrattato 

Pangrattato is breadcrumbs, not a form of pork by the way. 
We're always learning, discovering new things. 
Fresh, small but perfectly delicious these were. 

300g Porthouse with thick cut chips, salad and mushroom jus. $29

Jas had a steak, which he enjoyed. As you may have guessed jas do not enjoy writing reviews, unless we take notes along the way. He ate everything with a knife and fork, while I struggled and used the fork as a spoon at some points. I love my spork. Also I eat alone most of the time, no one judges, and I was never taught how to use a fork & knife.

This looks amazing!

Atlantic Salmon $35
Cauliflower puree, asparagus, seared scallops and prosciutto chips salad

This is one of the most healthiest things I've ever eatten without ordering a salad, and it was deicious too. There was no celery in the salad, but rather matchsticks of carrots and capsicum, onion, tomato and leaves. A salad was the perfect match with the beautiful salmon, that came off in slices. I didn't eat the skin as it was too salty for me. The second highlight of the dish (the first being salmon with two scallops like buttons on top) was the asparagus and cauliflower puree. I do not like green things to be honest (other than some salads) and am a picky eater. I tried asparagus once but it was a distant memeory. But this asparagus was perfect dipped or rather rolled, in the califlower puree, a healthier/fancy version of the potato puree. 

I had the trio of sorbets, lemon, orange and strawberry $10. 
Served with some chopped strawberries and mint on top. 
It was refreshing and summery.

I picked this one over the tart as I think it is healthier, though could be like thinking froyo has less sugar than ice cream. The later is a lie, froyo just sounds like the healthier choice. And we're having ice cream tomorrow. 

Google says sorbet doesn't contain less sugar. It "contains just fruit juice/syrup and water" and "can have considerably higher amounts of sugar than either gelato or ice cream – and, because there is no dairy, it contains less calcium". Damn. 

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream $10

Dessert, we were bought the wrong order. Two times in one day for me (happened at a different place earlier on). Which compromised the quality of the sticky date pudding. Seems like it was prepared in a rush, and as a result was a bit burnt. And there was on not so nice patch on it.  

By 9pm everyone was gone, on a Thursday Night, dinner by the beach is very cold.

The function room was open, with an open gas fire. It was nice and warm, but at the same time I think my face was melting :P Service was good though at time slow, and there was only a few other people having dinner. 20mins between entree and mains, and then we got the wrong order for dessert - and by that time we were the only people there.

Blogger Unknown said... on April 17, 2015 2:36 PM  

The food looks great! Although it's too bad the service was slow...I can wait to an extent at restaurants only if the food is that good, else I'd get very impatient. :P

I think with your commenting system, it only has two options: Google account or OpenID. The error returned from the OpenID is: OpenID Error. There's usually an option for just typing in the name and url which would make it easier to comment I think.

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on April 18, 2015 12:24 AM  

Hmm... I'll ask my IT guy to check it out. Meanwhile I'm changed comment setting to all, no login required. Might leave it as long as the spammers don't flood me.

Thanks for your comment :) I find it helps if you tell them you need to leave by a certain time.

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