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Tuesday 15th April

How do you know when you're made hard boiled eggs? When they've bounced for so long part of shells have fallen off. Is that normal? 

Life is a series of journeys. Some of them are exhausting. For example today I'm taking (bus, train, tram, walk 480m) to get to the dr, then walk 600m to get the (bus then tram). (Tram) back to the city. Then for dinner (train, tram) and walk. That's x2 buses x2 trains x4 trams. Excluding getting to/from home. Even with a car it's hard - where are you going to park it? Half these places are hard to park, and then there's costs and time restrictions. Today life is hard.

A long day that started with a rush to see a dr, a new one and hopefully one off visit. My shoulders hurt when I'm always on my feet for work, but not when I'm shopping or anything. I've tried standing up straight, it's hard and hurts. 

The dr recommended swimming twice a week. He was very close to the park, so we took the chance to take a stroll and take some pictures too. Ended up walking quite a bit, though I enjoyed it, even with crazy splotches of rain.

Lunch on the balcony over Chinatown, much hotter than expected out here! And it's 27 tomorrow, summer's back and so are hats. Being a night owl I struggle to even get to lunch. Wagaya has been on my lunch list for a while now, ever since our first visit. 

After lunch we went shopping, hairspray, tickets, lipstick. I do like that the sales lady wasn't pushy, she recommended I try a cheek tint, and didn't push to sell me a lip liner like the last one. I bought the Roomiest Rose, after much consideration and attempting not just to get the last one I had (two ton tomato). Originally I wanted the cherry one, but I have a lipstick that's a dupe in colour. I've seen it on ebay for $13 but really don't trust that, probably a fake. 

Today's mail was a parcel! With donuts! Le beau was excited till he realized it was one of those pool donut tube things. :P I don't have a pool, but I'll figure out how to use it somehow. 

Dinner at Angliss Restaurant, one of three visits that we shall cover soon.

Dinner took longer than expected so we took a cab to tonight's show. If you're going to Angliss for dinner, you might want an earlier 7pm booking, or not to have something you have to rush to afterwards. 

Whelmed with Gilligan x (Loving Repeating) was a fun show about stories from her life and her thoughts, set to music. Especially our mutual dislike for #thinspiration #fitspiration (never heard of that one) and the deadly dreaded #blessed. I absolutely hate that last one, though I have no one in my life who would use that tag. It's worse than #bae meaning droppings in a European language. 


Too much going on at the same time! Work is shooting for front page of a newspaper, but I have tickets for Mozart, and a workshop. Mozart has cupcakes, but then how often does work get on the front page? I know it's silly but when I was little I wanted to be Miss Universe, and so the picture is the closest I'll ever get. And I've missed another newspaper shoot before...

The mail arrived nice and early, I got out of bed, sat down by the window and suddenly it was 3pm! We were late to class because it took 20mins to get from the station to school, as oppose to the normal 7 minutes. We should always leave before 7pm.

After class we got back to the city, had a snack sized salad from 7/11 and went shopping at Coles. There's one at Southern Cross but a bit further up towards Lonsdale St. Beans for a shoot and jam, bonne maman because I love the jars.

Because I was in class, sadly we missed a show at this place. Where I still have yet to go. 


Bad decisions were made...

Today started at 9am, the event started at 10.15 but everyone, and I mean everyone got there well before then. Is that normal? When I walked through the door everyone was being offered a program, but I wasn't. Instead she asked if she could help me, thinking I was lost. It was a senior citizens event, that's what happens with a day time time slot.

We were't late, everyone else was just very early! And so we didn't get an event cupcake which le beau was looking forwards to. But there was carrot cake, friands, scones and lamingtons. We didn't have enough time to try everything though. 

The concert was very good, though Mozart always makes me a bit sleepy... 

After the concert we stopped by Daiso and Myer to get a mascara sample. I now have spider legs for lashes and they scrap against my glasses, it's hard to blink. But that's how you know the mascara really does lengthen your lashes!

Lunch booking were a bit iffy, I didn't realize that it was an auto answering machine system. That and spontaneously booking that very morning isn't me. But we did get there in the end, a late lunch for there was no one else there. And Angliss Restaurant is always popular. 

Off to class, 20 surveys to complete. One survey 20 copies. That's the hard part, data entry is easy. Fast forward. Waiting for jas for over an hour, and so I missed an event, waiting, and dinner was sold out by the time he rocked up. Proud of yourself? He says yes. 

I really need to get a tattoo that reminds me that "I wait for no one. Ever." Yes the therapist says I'll end up alone, but then no one will ever slow me down. I will not live a life of waiting and regret. 

Under the clock there was coffee sampling for a gold coin, Nescafe Smooth & Intense. We had a mocha and it worked! Coffee doesn't normally work on me, unless I get shots. But this one instantly woke me up (I was a zombie today) for 20mins and then I crashed. 

I love these gold spray painted plastic coffee beans. Fill up a bowl and stick some candles in there, that'll be pretty. Also great as a scatter. 


A visit to two drs. Milk tea. Working on theatre stuff. Theatre talk over a salad dinner.

Baby spinach, sweet potato mask, beef patty, tomato sauce, mustard, pickles, boiled egg. Clearly cheeseburger inspired :P It even smelt like a cheeseburger, the meat didn't taste like McD though. 

Gathering things for theatre involves thinking out of the box, I needed to source background noises for a banquet, Macbeth's. You can buy that stuff, just like how you can buy music. Instead of sound effects during brainstorm we listed period dramas that might have music. Settled on Ship's Cook from Emma.  


Work, meeting new people. Ok I met one new person. There was a guy dressed up as a banana! No it wasn't the banana guy I met.

After work we had a quick after lunch dessert with le beau, sneaking in any moments I have free. He bought black forest cake, a HUGE slice for just $5 that was designed IMO for two, from my favourite cheap cake place, Green Refectory.

Sponsored by Waxaway

Networking at the tavern in the afternoon **regrets not coming in costume** so nice in warm in there! All morning it was very cold and wet at times. The sun wasn't warm enough to warm us up.

Girl judges me for not being a cam-whore/selfie person. That's cool, I don't need likes to validate my self-esteem. I don't believe in selfies, but if you want to go ahead. So glad all my friends are guys, who don't take selfies.

Check out these amazing shoes I came across near morman's office!
They're customs and not for sale.

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