Exam Week - Anything Goes! @ Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Monday 8th June

A day spent offline. Dancing. Mind mapping. Yes in that order. 


The day of the exam! We made it, we survived. I had something for every question. One part I didn't have enough info, not cause I forgot stuff, but because I didn't have enough notes on that area in the beginning.

Any guesses what I'm studying? :P

Post-Exam Treat!

Freedom! And yet busy/lazy. I need to make a list of all these internships and committee things I'm doing.  No day like tomorrow. :P Also planning to paint meringues. 

There is no record of the next few days, because they were spent recharging. 


Oh dear I'm officially nocturnal again... but that also I'm not going to doze off  during the show. :P

A quick dinner from Sushi Burger, which no longer offers sushi burger bentos. So we ordered a teriyaki chicken modern, which I believe was a. fusion food b. made for a white person, perhaps a fussy toddler looking for something familiar. Like spaghetti. There was spaghetti in the bento, along with a slice of corn cob, tomato, cucumber and bean salad. With the chicken and rice. It was good but nothing amazing. I prefer traditional bentos, and Purple Peanut's teriyaki chicken is still the best I've ever had. 

After a quiet week tonight we were off to see a performance of 'Anything Goes' my second professional musical, and one I saw during high school. We bought the tickets last night, say, midnight? That's when I checked my email and found a 4 for $200 offer (well $210 including fees), which was great as tickets, the cheapest are $70-ish. 

The show was to me one of those Broadway Classics that everyone's seen but we like to relive now and then. I can't recall if they've been in town since I got here in 2008 though. But we saw it in high school (not mine, otherwise I'd be in it :P) where a friend was in it. 

Set in the 1930s above a cruise ship sailing from America to London, nothing ill fated occurred, though there was plenty of drama aboard the SS America. Gangsters and their violin cases, the poor boy falling for the rich girl who's engaged to someone else, purely for financial gain, and a cast of sailors and men in uniforms. Not to mention a very cute captain's assistant. While his character isn't gay I'm pretty sure he is, especially as he wears more lipstick than the ladies. I love the hit song, a Broadway classic along with "Blow, Gabriel, Blow". 

It was a great show, though was a bit racist, but not funny enough for it to be ok. Racism seems to be a minor theme in musicals set in the 30s. But we enjoyed it and recommend you relive this Broadway Classic. There mightn't be the same glitz and glamour as Strictly Ballroom a couple blocks away, but there'll be sequin dresses, sailors, tap dancing and the amazing Caroline O'Connor!

After a show we always like to drop by Father's Office for dessert after 11pm, this week for the pannacotta (because that's what jas wanted) and cherry (pie) tart. It's a tart not a pie, pies always have the top covering, or they're made in a deep dish. Apple pie and ice cream is like our national dessert.

The pannacotta was a bit bland as expected, I have had this before but was happy to give it a second chance. It wasn't that jas didn't believe me, but it's known that I'm a hard marker as a tutor and so he wanted to try it for himself.

Cherry Crumble Tart has changed, there's still the same ingredients but much more crumble and way less cherry, especially the presence of whole cherries. Now it's bits of cherry, and should be crumble tart with cherries. The nutty ice cream on top is still good and unlike the ice cream ordered on its own is not made with an icy condense milk base. Wished we could order this ice cream on its own.

Update - Something went wrong that night, spoke to Father's Office and it's meant to be more cherries, less crumble. Perhaps that night we got the last one and ingredients were running low? 


For tourists Pellegrini's Espresso Bar from the 70s is a classic stop I've read. It's on my list but I have never been there because they don't have prices lists. As a planner I want all the details, and to have the exact change. Once a hairdresser refused to give me a quote and it was $80 (I thought it would be $50-60), I ended up paying $79 and that included all the random coins hiding at the bottom of my bag. It was an awful experience and one I will do anything to avoid, uncertainty is something I can't deal with with it can be avoided. 

I also feel that Pellegrini is a novelty place like Soda Rock (which is filthy). Most review says it's large serves of overcooked slop with dishes around $20. You can get that at Sofia, but it's a bit nicer. We normally pay around $15 for a main, the price combined with reviews, and the lack of certain figures means it's highly unlikely I'll ever eat here. 

Am I missing out by not eating here?

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