Exploring Footscray @ Sunday, June 21, 2015

A couple months ago we went exploring in Footscray, the other side of the station on the side where the shipping containers and old railway tracks run. I don't just eat and go to events, I also explore. :P

That door is about a metre above the ground, how do you get in?

I think there's a gallery up there.

The other side of the river.

The Amphitheater

A throne! But first check out that amazing bridge and arch, portal to another world?

Bottom left was the text on the throne. Does anyone recognize it?
I quite like the railway tracks, though not enough to get in the ground.

By the river, I saw a starfish! There were people fishing.

Why is there a door and then keep out sign?

The bridge was over land, not water. Nearby there was a chessboard. BYO pieces. 


I do like this, a wall of cd, reflective for drivers at night .

Along the way to the station there were some interesting houses.

These houses are an older style, 1900+ though I'm not sure of the year.

House or shop? My vote is on a shop, one in the Wild West.

Have you been exploring recently? Discover anything interesting?

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