Pre-Exam Weeks @ Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Monday 1st June

I'm the same height as Kristen Chenoweth, though no where remotely as amazing.

It's the first day of winter. Lies. The cold started long ago. Also the first day I'm back in the studio. Random stranger decided to touch me on the head! Nooo!!! I don't like being touched, or people reminding me that I'm a lot shorter than the average person. To be normal height I need to wear my 3 inch wedges. But that's not cool. No one has made fun of my height for a while. Most memorable occasion was when the school captain called me a midget, not to my face, but I was in the same room and it was a small room. The context was that I played Gretl and was the shortest of them all, in my year.

l'm pretty sure those two guys (Pushing Daisies & GBC) are very very tall! Middle picture is compared to average height I think. This is why pictures of me are rare, I don't seem to notice I'm little too much till I see myself in a picture. But being the photographer it's hard for people to get you in pictures. :P 

Someone sent me this link last week when I posted on a forum asking on how I could improve my blog. There's so much information it's overwhelming. Yes I do want to stand out, though we will die if I only blog about dessert. But the thing is I don't want to get into it as a part-time job and turn into a mommy-blog, the stay at home mom who makes $$ from her blog. That's not what I'm about. I'm about sharing adventures, as a hobby. But then I often feel a bit demotivated when everyone (ok, just the other food bloggers) all get invited to events and I don't. Though my life is still full of event I feel like something is missing, something more than just le beau. 

Ponyo, Studio Ghibi's version of The Little Mermaid. 
About a fish that turns into a little girl. Though there's no sea witch or villains though. 

I have no idea how a boat can run from a candle flame as an energy source...

Ponyo meets Sosuke and they have an adventure, involving  tsunamis and an underwater nursing home-ish place. The way everyone reacted to the sea rising to land/hill level and speeding while the road was wet was as if it happens all the time. The animation was stunning and magical, featuring prehistoric looking fish that was huge and scary! But not to the characters. 

Ponyo's mother is stunning... though I doubt you'll get the same effect as a cosplay.

The Simspons did a Studio Ghibi Episode! 


The idea of getting a job is terrifying. The actual process. To get a once off on-the-day starter e.g. doors, position you need a full on resume (expected) and cover letter. Sometimes there's interview to. And that's for a once off one day job. It makes it seem impossible to get a real paying job.


Pre-event dinner. Teriyaki chicken from Purple Peanuts. As delicious as always!

Might get a salad as a snack next time too.

Study Break. Ice cream and movie.

Walking it off, the stars in the sky are now in the trees.

Vapiano open late even on a Wednesday night is where we went for dessert. Brazlian cookie pie is not a pie. It's a cheesecake base with a grainy creamy mixture involving mascarpone, topped with a smooth layer of dark chocolate mousse. A very rich dessert to be shared between two. $3 extra if you want ta and keep the glass. 


A sick day, with a bit of jazz and no ice cream. But there was chips. Unhealthy food is much easier to access and not to mention cheaper. This is an issue. We're in the planning stages of a 3 month diet, with reduced energy intake days, and low intake days where we eat strange things.

The Thursday before we went to the public launch of YOMG. 

Hugo's Kadayif & Pistachio Birds Nest $7
How pretty is this? Tempting though not at $7.

I might stop by Nitro Lab soon too, even if they are a copy of N2.
The definition of a bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist. :P

At some point we had this delicious apple & custard tart. 


Spending the entire week at home, especially at night is depressing. Something that hasn't happened in a very long time. We're on exam break, and so there's less adventures this week apart from a lunch and brunch.

Researching Snuggies is related to my exam prep, marketing.

Notes, and exam prep was the focus of this week.

So glad I'm not doing English Essays.

Yes there are people who walk into the exam w/o a pen.

I do do this. :P All a part of the portfolio. :P

Off to the Good Food & Wine Show! Though too tired for a concert that night.

Back to the office for a nap, and dinner. It was so nice and quiet.


An amazing concert featuring 'Pomp and Circumstance March no.1 (Land of Hope and Glory)'.

Yes that is me. :P

At $10 this was one expensive but tasty and healthy snack. 

And a night of old school swing, the 40s, 45+ I'd say. We're early.

Outfit inspiration from OUAT and Agent Carter. 

Observations. Suspenders, bow ties, fedoras and nwsp boy caps were popular with the boys. For girls replicating the look was best achieved through hair and makeup. Rolls, pin ups and big flowers. Red lipstick was popular, though not particularly authentic to the 40s look. Red lipstick is more 50s. Clothes were mostly modern with lots of dots and small prints. With a couple stunning sequin dresses from the 20s with even more sparkly 20s Gatsby headbands.

At 10pm the night is young!

Drinks! A mocktail is just a fancy mix of fruit juices for adults at $10 a glass. 

Sunday 31st May

A couple Sundays ago... An early 7.15 start, it's amazing how many people forget/lost their tickets! Team leader's a cooking/textiles teacher - that's totally awesome! Hands-on fun, creative and pretty. There were vikings around that I saw, and storm troopers which I only saw on instagram. 

After work we went back to the office for a nap, almost full! And it was a Sunday afternoon, you could feel the stress of exams in the room! Phones banned from the library, as in just having them out even.

De-stressing with cupcakes. Yum! 

Lovisa has a sale - a real one, and of course I just had to buy tiny vials of glitter and a purple unicorn. :) I love it! Always wanted a pony, though the fears of becoming a paraplegic was there. I'm accident prone and a scary cat.

We have to have coffee here sometime!

Chillbro Paletas - The latest ice cream shop, to be covered by us. :) Just need a couple more visits to get a well-rounded review. They do churros and hot chocolate too.

We were going to go to YOMG by the station for dinner but it was full with a small waiting line, as it was cold and wet we ended up going to Papparich instead, and then coming back for froyo dessert. 

Our review on YOMG is coming up!

There's this sound, it's not a classical piece, it's French and has an accordion, played at cafes/restaurants and romantic walks down the cobblestone streets of Paris. I heard it we were leaving Papparich of all places. 3hrs after searching through youtube I found it! Can you believe it was 'La Vie En Rose'?

Well-known french music (not classical)
- Sous le ciel de Paris (aka under paris skies)
- non, je de regreet (edith paith)
- the can can
- la mer (the sea, mr bean)
- la Vie En Rose (edith paith) 
- pieces from amile
- La Marseillaise (national anthem)

Hoping this list will help someone!

Sunday 7th

Dance and dinner. I burned no calories there with that combo - but I did order a salad for dinner, one with fried chicken, a potato cake and PJ + Salted Caramel Milkshake. :P

Dancing the Quickstep, no I can't do three rounds each time with increasing speed. And I certain can't keep up to morman! Who is never seen sitting down, always up on his feet. Where does he get all that energy?! He's not always switched on and happy like Hector though, he's very quiet, and doesn't speak unless prompted. Unlike me he never runs up to you say hi. He was judging me for leaving a show during intermission, it wasn't like I was going home... I was going to another show. I want to do everything and make the most of the night. Did I regret missing the ending? Yes. But I got to see the part of the concert I wanted. 

I still don't know what the secret is that Scott's father, Doug keeps trying to tell him. But the ultimately secret is that Doug is a great dancer and his mother's partner, not Les her studio partner now.

I just realized that this post is a blend of at least two weeks, as my perception of time is distorted during exam cram week, where there is nothing to signify the start/end of another day. It's just endless days of notes.

What did you get up to during exam cram week? 

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