Hank Marvin Saturday Markets - Part 1 @ Friday, August 14, 2015

Saturday 1st August
Charlie was invited to lunch, but paid for everything else. 

Hank Marvin Launch Cake by Sally Cakes 

We may have gotten home yesterday after midnight, but we're up by 8.30am ready for another event and adventure! One that's in a park in St Kilda, rain or shine we're going to make it!

It takes skill to hold a child and cut a cake at the same time - Paul & Co. 

This Saturday was the launch and first Saturday of the Hank Marvin Markets, a weekly street-food market in St Kilda. Filling the gap in the South for a space for food trucks. Or more importantly getting them all in the one place so we can catch them before they run.

Being someone who doesn't drive, Alma Park is in a great location. Very close to Windsor Station (and the Astor Theatre) as well as being opposite a tram stop.

What's behind the name? From an interview with broadsheets Paul (the organizer) says 'Hank Marvin' is Cockney rhyming slang for “starving”, and not a reference to the 60s musician I assume? TBC.

A street-food and produce market on every Saturday is what the Hank Marvin Market is. There's coffee, things to eat there, to take home and fresh veggies to inspire a salad or two. It's on every Saturday, from winter to summer and in between too.

There's 40 stalls with half being pernament and the other half (mainly food trucks) moving around. To us there's familiar places like 'White Guy Cooks Thai', 'Creme Brulee Cart' and 'Trailer Made,' but there's also new things to try like 'Sicilian Street Food' and things on the list like 'Little Mushroom Co.'.

But first coffee! Yes this is the line for coffee. 

Hot Apple Cider $5 - Those Girls 

We had a plan: entree, main, drink and dessert. Ideally we'd go in a group and get a few things to share but it was just me today. Jas isn't coming, as a. he's not a morning or lunch person b. he recently (well earlier this fall/autumn) got married to hockey. Which means we rarely ever see him till the season is over. Good thing it's just a seasonal marriage. :P

A cold, but not too cold day. Hot apple cider was the perfect start. Warm and delicious from 'Those Girls' . It's warm apple juice but less sweet really, and they make it themselves. And comes with a miniture donut. At $5 a cup I think it's a bit much, though as an occasional thing it's ok. I'd price it at $3.50. Side Note, the donuts were like dried prunes compared to last time, plump round ones. But I think it was designed to be larger that time.

Cobb Lane - Donuts $5, Gingerball $4, Danish/Escargo $4.50

Next time, the salted caramel donut shall be mine! Andy's pretty sure 'mine' was my first word as it doesn't seem like I'm very good at sharing XD that and I'm very possessive about my stuff.

Baked goods are all the rage these days, and as they say the scrolls sold like hot cakes! Pancakes, but there were none here. To think of it there aren't any pancake stalls around! It's just crepes.

Kwak Scrolls from Oregano Bakery in Sydney. I'm iffy about them purely based on price, for they're $6.50 for the cinnamon and $7.50 for the others. But they are huge and are to be share between 2-4 people. Whoops. With my small-ish bag I had no room for take-away, my knife was also in my work bag (yes I carry around a knife, a fork too).

Salted Caramel Scroll $7.50 

By my second round (I like to get pictures of everything first, including menues) chocolate, cinnamon and cookies & cream were sold out. Not to worry. I had my eye on le beau's favourite: salted caramel. 

My aunt used to own a bakery so I'm not too keen on bakery goods, though these scrolls were very popular and so we had to get one too! The salted caramel wasn't just on top like I thought, it was inside too to my delight! I regret not sharing this or eating just half. It's like nothing I've had before! I'm reccomending this, and shall be back for the cinnamon.

As these do last 4-5 days after purchase I might pop one in the post for le beau too! That is a bit concerning at the same time though, how long they last. Especially if you considered that these came from Sydney. But then again god knows how long ago Twinkie Bars I had as a child were made, before I consumed them. 

With seating there's blocks and tables here and there as well as a black 24-metre-long pop-up dining hall. Just in case it rains. Interesting choice of colour, black marquee aren't seen as much as the clear ones, which make the most of the outdoor lighting. There were blankets and newspapers inside, so lots to occupy your hands if you like.

Moving onto mains, gosh with so many offers I'm not sure what to get! Paul recommended 'The Little Mushroom Co' with their award-winning vegan mushroom burgers. Yes they are on my list.

Mushroom or mushroom? Sadly work is not keen on mushrooms collectively. :(
I'm in charge of catering this year for our event, and we're after a food truck for dinner.

Ultra Greek Mushroom Burger $12*
Potabello/Flat Mushroom, Halloumi Cheese, Ciabatta Bun, 
Mill Dill, Honey Mayo, Balsamic, Parmesan & a Lot of Rocket

I'm not a fan of spicy (their best seller) so we had the greek. It was delicious! This is coming from someone who is ok with mushrooms. I don't normally order something with mushrooms but this was delicious and something I'd get again. Highly reccomended!

Admittedly it's a bit hard to eat (I ate most of the rocket around the burger before picking it up) but worth it. But don't forget the wet wipes!

Mon said she thought it was a bit small, I agree as a burger on its own, but as on the day I had a couple others things it was the perfect size to me. I may eat everything, but really I just take a bite of each offer.

Warm Drinking Chocolate $6*

Belgium coverture chocolate and Madagascan vanilla bean 
with a bit of cream and sugar. Super rich, decadent and addictive!

I had hot chocolate and churros last night and so asked for a half serve of the hot chocolate. It was delicious! And very similar to San Churro's Spanish Hot Chocolate, both turn into a custard-like dessert you could eat with a spoon. Delicious! You simply must try this if you find Little Mushroom Co!

Part 2 Coming Up Tomorrow

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