Monday 10th August

Movie Snacks!

As I was on my way to the station the sky was a beautiful gradient from a pale cornflower blue and grey gradients fading off into a cream in the distance towards the city.

Tonight we went to see 'For Grace' a movie about Curtis Duffy the co-owner and chef at Grace in Chicago, a fine dinning restaurant with three stars, where they google their customers and takes notes on what they like and don't eg. Doesn't like too much detail on the food or doesn't eat avocado. It took us through what it meant to be an amazing chef and run a place like Grace. If you're at that level it's not just a job but a lifestyle and marriage. Work, sleep, gym, repeat.

One of the characters that really stood out was Ruth, Curtis's home economics teacher in middle school from his small home town in Louisiana, just 20mins from the Armish country. While he was in high school his parents got divorced and his father wasn't cool with it, so he killed his wife and himself in a murder suicide act. Ruth was his supportive adult and played a motherly role. If I didn't know that she was his teacher I would have thought she was his mom. She saw that he had something special and encouraged him to pursue it.

Lola particularly enjoyed it as she was a hostess for one of those fancy pants restaurants where customers could request where to sit when booking (I'll take the window seat for a lunch booking) and butter was served in perfect spheres or balls in sets of five, between two. She's twice my age and spent a lifetime in hospitality. Meanwhile I'm greeting customers out the front of an expo. Or working info booth, which is what I prefer.

The venue of the movie was very nice and seemed new. The Treasury Theatre, behind the Treasury building to the right of Parliament. Thank god for signs as it was a secret location, Melbourne loves those hidden gems.

We saw a food movie so how could we not go for food after? As we were near parliament and as we went to an Indian concert last week, we went to Red Pepper a place that was one of the first places I tried when we moved here in 2008. Since then they have updated the place. From a dinning hall to a place that has ambiance where you could take a date. Here's what it used to look like they haven't updated it yet - the pictures on their site. And here's my pictures.

From personal experience I wouldn't though. I wouldn't take a date to a range of places including Indian, Mexican and Korean BBQ, as if something goes wrong or is disagreeable you won't be getting any action tonight.

As I really wasn't planning on going out to dinner tonight all the pictures were taken with the phone and there was ambiance lighting...

Dinner at Red Pepper


I apply for positions, but by the time they get back to me I'm taken for another event. This keeps happening. No I can't save you a date unless you're certain you want me. I'm not putting a day on hold for you, at the risk is missing something else.

On the way home we passed this interesting looking restaurant though we'll never go here as mains start from $26, and salads are $20. Or not until I make $50ph. 

Since posting my email on fb and instagram the spam is amazing! I get about 5 emails a day offering penis enlargement, cheap drugs and followers. Before this I'd get like 2 emails a week - in total, spam and not. Mainly spam and subscription.

Today we were tired and didn't get anything done, though we did go dancing. Three dots still, we're stuck on for fitbit goals. 


It seems lately that a lot of people don't like me. Throughout my life is has been a theme though the cause isn't clear to me. As far back as I can remember mother has told me everyone hates me because I'm a freak with purple hair and lots of eyeliner which I think is awesome but does make me look a bit evil. And I like it. She says they hate me because they're jealous of the creative way I dress (I wear what I want) and rarely wear a suit. Though she's the type that goes "What will the neighbors think? !" Well the neighbors dgaf unless you're being invasive. Most people also dgaf about what you wear.

 She also says I'm a trouble maker and home wrecker, that girl that steals other women's men - that is not true, it's just that most of my friends are married, and the wives don't like me, even though I'm not a threat at all. I don't look like any of them nor am I at the same stage of life (nesting and popping out babies). I'm pretty sure that if I was a guy hanging out with another guy it wouldn't be an issue with their wives.

Guys who have mentioned their wives don't like me this week: 2. That doesn't include mrs morman who had her husband change classes so we're no longer in the same class. That or we can go with what his father said, that work's very busy. I know where morman works (opposite me on the other side of the river) but not what it is exactly that he does.

This Wednesday's adventure took us to dinner with Alice and then a trip to the night markets. Which has been on my 'one day list' for 3-4yrs, because I always have Wednesday classes, marketing or ballroom.

The View from Dinner


6pm meeting
6-8pm magazine launch
7-9pm festival launch
7.30-9.30pm dance

We're going to the meeting and festival launch. I said we'd go dancing twice a week, though I was wrong...

Tonight's adventure was a trip on the ice. Good news I didn't actually trip or fall because jas had me. Though I didn't get very far, not even one side of the perimeter as I clung to the penguin. I do wish it was taller. We had a good time, trying new things. Half the people fell, so did the kids but they just got right up and laughed.

Other than the ice rink there was drinks and popcorn at $5 a bag for the adults and food trucks. Tonight it was Trailer Made and $16 crab burgers from Hammer & Tong. I was hoping to see their fancy yoghurt with flowers.

Not much else food wise, I think they need hot apple cider, hot chocolate and ice cream.

There was a roaming entertainer who ate fire though didn't blow fire, he was also an acrobat and did balancing acts with multiple chairs.

Notes - BYO socks and gloves.

We had dinner before we came so just planned to get dessert. 

Saw a guy from my law class, well he saw me. I have no memory of him as he's just a guy in my class. I love hearing what I was like or what people think of me. He said I was a blogger, very reserved, quiet and focused on my studies. Didn't have any friends was implied there, though he wasn't mean about it. It's all true, and I am reserved even if I'm loud (I'm only quiet on my own). Though it's not hard to recall the only American girl from school I think? I was also known to my teachers for asking lots of questions. Curious Hector said.

I wonder if everyone remembers me as the organized one? I know some will. I made the best exam/test notes and had them binded with spirals. Hector was so impressed he asked if he could  have it. I do miss him and his optimistic view on most things. The view didn't extend to my headpiece collection on free dress day though. He wanted me to be normal like everyone else about the way I dressed.

I think one of the most offensive things anyone ever asked me happened at school. My last maths teacher asked if my work was mine... are you saying that my work is too good and above my standard? What he didn't know was that I'm a maths tutor and it's one of my specializations. He was very cool though, taught us a lot of things, not just maths. As a teacher he ok. To me he was just someone in the class and not someone I'd always remember. .


So crazy tired we missed most of the day though did go to work and try a new foundation. This one glides just like water almost!

Tonight as I was leaving it was 5.35-ish the golden hour, where in the movies they drive off into the blinding sunset. Though today they  were filming people coming home at the station for a promo video for a new housing development behind the local shopping center. No actors just everyday people. When I was younger I wanted to be a triple threat though I was pretty up myself.

Sushi chef was so focused on finding the one and now I know why. Because we're at an age where most of our friends are either married or in a long term relationship and you know they'll be together forever. And then there's just you on the side, or rather for me on my own.

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