Bursaria's Homemade Lemonade @ Tuesday, October 06, 2015

When I think of lemonade I see a small country town in the South (of America, the Southern States), a big white two storey house (much like Como but with a porch) with a pretty garden, the humming of crickets can be heard, it's the summer in the 1880s. There's a group of ladies in various shades of cream and white cotton Southern Belle dresses with matching hats and parasols, sipping on lemonade. Ok so it's actually meant to be sweet tea, but that's what lemonade makes me think of.

Yes I know this picture above makes the margins go funny.
Oh and I prefer sparking water for this drink.

This isn't your average lemonade you'd have at a stand for 50c, but one to be served at parties, family lunches on Sunday and for a afternoon tea with the in-laws. Best made for events where everyone has only a glass or two - due to sugar content, that and your gum will ache if you drink too much, yes that is from experience.

Do you have fond memories of lemonade in summer?

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