Pimms at Pottery Barn @ Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tuesday 17th November

Google's giving me two different locations... same name but two separate cafes?

The day started with afternoon where no tea was consumed at the school cafeteria, not officially but the closest source of food that gives us a student discount. #coffee is the name. With macrame pots and cronuts it aims to be a trendy place, though is only busy for lunch. 

We had the white hot chocolate which was very good! I'd get it again and recommend it, it's almost on par with Gloria Jeans across the street (literally). Oh and we also have Starbucks and 7/11 around the corner. On the same block we have Mad Mex, McD and KFC is across the street. HJs is a block away. Coles is across the street and Safeway around it. Edit: Since then another Safeway has opened within site of Coles, two on the block, one within metres of Coles. It used to be hard to snack healthy, but with the supermarkets there's fruit within sight! Unlike in these pictures...

The Nutella Choc Muffin was good but bit dry, if I get it again I'd ask for a serving of cream to go with it. Service was good, we're regulars and it's always consistent.

Onto Review. Belts at Review have changed. These days things aren't built to last. Depreciation in quality, not just Review but AH too. I bought a belt last year and it was great. This year it's flimsy. Belts aren't meant to be like that. The quality has gone down but the price certainly has not. I'd like to be told when they're changing suppliers or ending certain models.

Up to Telstra to buy my phone plan. Est wait 15mins, but 46mins+ in reality. Nope, I got to go. 

An hour and a bit later we're at Chadstone. For the biannual shopping festival, one day of sales! And this time the DFO has joined in and our local-ish shops too! The first one is Chadstone. We had a game plan, but ended up waiting 2hrs for jas and missed out on a lot of stuff...

Random asian shops, these should be a franchise since they all sell the same stuff. No black headbands so I got some silvery blue ones instead. There's a certain brand that does the best ones, satin lined in school approved colours and not. The perfect base for my headpieces.

Iskha, I like but it's a hippy strange kinda place that's a rip off. Even at 50% off somethings are still expensive. We picked up another music box, and a wax melt. Lychee & Black Tea, at $2.50 that's the price it ought to be. No wonder they're going down. Madame Librarian's a fan of the design of their clothes though said they fall apart quite fast!

The art shop had 50% off! This has never happened before! We got a few things for $32 which was a very good deal. Spray paint and ink. Though they were out of gold. Do I really have to always wear a mask mask when spray painting something?  

We found another Telstra. This guy was very quick and eager to move onto the next customer. Slight regret not waiting to see the one I like, but I did need more credit today. 

Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm are all connected, and beautifully styled! The middle one. I don't actually remember which was West Elm... there were free drinks. Pimm's Lemonade and the drinks cart was unattended. After 3 glasses it turned out to be a bad idea. Oh gawd I think I got drunk at Pottery Barn! Loving the snow globes, but they're pricey!

Bought some Peppermint Bark, but they forgot to give me the 20% off :( I'm not going back for $1. But I think I do have the receipt. Can they paypal it to me?

I felt flushed, a bit dizzy and disorientated. That slowed us down a bit. 

Typo! 40% off!! I have an MC gift card so I put off most of the purchases till early Dec. I'm after a shower cap and fun pillow cases. But we did get a mouse pad, as there was only one and I haven't seen it anywhere else. Our local shops are small, but we do have a Typo.

Dinner. Bland rice paper rolls, best with hoisin sauce from Roll'd $10.20. Healthy choice, though my mother makes them much better, also there was too much noodles. We also had a $3.50 mango lassi, delicious as always, and the price was good for the size.

Something new at Chadstone was the food truck park.

Bought some more stuff. Tired some vanilla slice at the start of the night and went back for more. $5 slice or $6 with coffee. Average hot choc (yes it is my 2nd today) but great service! And vanilla slice, I enjoyed that too, and the size was perfect to share for two. 

We forgot to go to Kmart... I do like their quilt covers.

What we bought today.


"You know you are doing it right when they re-write the rules because of you. "

Another store to change their return on sale items policies because they said it verbally but I can't find it written anywhere on their site. Causing them to accept my return and not be cool with it.

Showbags! One of the things I'm obsessed with, due to a lack of in my childhood, though something I really don't need. The day started with a gingerbread deco and styling for your mom workshop, two separate workshops that weren't eventful/interesting enough to talk about, we were there for the showbag.

Priceline had 40% off cosmetics, so we bought some brushes. Typo had an extra 30% off sale items. Sportsgirl had 50% off sale items, and we bought a top for $20 to be wore under corsets and for Edwardian outfits. Bought my first frying pan, which didn't come with instructions or what to do and what not to do... OW didn't have what I needed. Edit - That pan doesn't work with the induction stoves at the boarding house.


Went modern dancing. Didn't like it. It was awks. I do not groove to the beat. I can hear it, identify it but not follow it. My specialization is the dip and drop.

This week's food adventure was a trip to Big Huey's Diner. Tastes like what you'd expect his cooking would be like. Causal guy food, from his tv shows I always thought it was things you could make it home yourself, it was the era of cooking shows before Masterchef and all the drama.

Friday night was spent in the rain at the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets. This is a good thing as it meant there were short lines. :P Though the organizers should have provided cover/shade and not just for the VIPs.

Stay tuned more details and adventures coming up soon!

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