Saturday 12th December

First stop this weekend: Scroll Cold Plate Ice Creamery. Yes we were here last Saturday too :P But this week I can say I made this! And it was a workout but fun! Due to OH&S you rarely can be on the wrong side of the counter :P.

I made the pavlova with strawberries and meringue. It was fun, though a workout to be doing this all the time! Adding this one to the list of awesome thing I've done including going on a krispy kreme tour!

I know we just ate but next we're off to lunch close by (by car that is), near Windsor station.
'Yaya Chica' is a place I wouldn't have discovered on my own with a very unique name. Reasonably priced for brunch this was the best meal we've had in a long time!

On the same strip were two op shops. The rare cheap ones that you only hear about but never come across. In our area all the op shops are the same price as new, nothing's cheap other than picture frames and books.

At 'Mecwa Care' we got lucky and found a box full of Christmas crafty things, main sequins for $5. 5c buttons a piece and some other goodies. All for <$10. The felt reindeers are prefer size for brooches! They were 20c each and there's still some left.

On the same block was 'Sacred Heart Op Shop' much larger than the first store, with pianos, clothing, giant Nutcrackers donated by a hotel, and lots of knick kacks (random pretty/interesting stuff you don't need, but want).

My favourite section is always the books, which took up the front windows. I'm always on the lookout for vintage books, ornate picture frames and vintage polly pocket. 

On this trip we came across three books: a styling book by a young Gok (think Target), a fashion reference book from the 80s, and a novel by Zoe Foster. I also saw her 'Textbook Romance' book which I already have. It was a fun light read, not to be taken seriously as parts of it are silly. e.g. The rule that he must make the first move. 

500 grams of course glitter, not my favourite blend, but I'll take it! Ribbon, plastic garland, clip on earrings (that don't hurt) and three headbands. There was four, I regret not buying the fourth. This lot came to $31, $6 headbands (3), $12 books, $6 earrings, $6-ish arts & craft/glitter.

As a traveler I'd love that trunk!

Great finds! I'd shop more at op shops, though I have enough stuff and we're running out of room! Do you shop at op shops? What's your best find?

Back to the boarding house for a quick shower and onto the next two events!

An exclusive night at the NGV for the 'Andy Warloh x Ai Wei Wei' exhibition.

Of course I touched stuff and got into trouble. :P

Gingerbread Demolition. In theory the gingerbread deco workshop was great. In practice it failed. I'm not into charity events, but jas is. We got free tickets and as the gallery event ended at 8pm on a Saturday we needed something to do.

I bought gingerbread back, and the whole room delightfully smelt like gingerbread!

How many events can you do in one day? :P

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