Sunday 20th Dec

Don't you just hate it when you're about to do a review and the restaurant changes its name and signs? I didn't have my camera on the second visit for my +1 took some of these.  

Instead of an outdoor movie (that was canceled as it rain, with a silly no refund credit only policy) we went to dinner at ... formally known as Zorba Boyz, Greek Street Food & Burgers. As suggested they offer souvlakias, burgers, salads & fries, dessert and drinks. A suburban place next to fish & chips, across the road from a local pizza shop.

Management and the name has changed though the menu and staff remain the same.

Desserts & Salads



The small serving of fries has decreased. But they're still as good, seems like the freezer variety. Though almost anything deep fried is good. Which chips are better? This place or the asian fish & chip place next door? I'd say these are less oily, slightly.

Souvlaki pita, old school lamb, no tomato. 12.50. 

Very good and the serving was huge! We needed a break in between finishing it! This serves two, get a salad and fries to share and you're set. There is twice as much meat as I normally eat. I may eat everything, but just nibbles.

Size comparison.

Slight regret in not getting the traditional street pita range. The difference? Souvs contains  lettuce while the traditional range has different sauces and fries within.

We had baklava 5.50 for dessert, a huge serving to be shared between two. Pastry with nuts and honey. Good but not amazing, I prefer orange blossom or rosewater in baklava. It was very sweet and sticky!

Consumed at 4am was a bad idea. Someone consumed the massive souvlaki AND baklava in one night and spent the next day feeling bloated, till we had froyo.

$21 for a suburban restaurant, serves two. I'd get takeaway and have drinks & salad at home. Everything was in very generous Lola approved proportions.

Would we return? Not for a while as we ate too much, though we'd be back with a friend and split a souvlaki, fries and a salad. I'd like to come back for the $15 lunch special.

The guy after us ordered extra meat, the lamb serving was huge! These aren't Jimmy Grants or Gazi's snack size, where you'll need two. It's one to be shared between two! When I asked why he ordered extra me, he shrugged and said "because I'm Greek." XD

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