Terra Rossa & Campari House @ Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tues 22nd December

There's a few birthday offers from around the city and one of them was from 'Terra Rossa' on Flinders Lane. The idea from marketing is you'd go with a group of friends and end up going to a place you don't normally go to, rather than my idea of I go alone, and don't end up spending much. 

Arancini with zucchini, saffron, smoked mozzarella & black olive aioli $15

As Lola was the first to arrive and I was stuck in traffic she ordered some canapes to start. These deep fried balls were quite nice, though work out to be $3.75 each, which is over the usual budget, as all of tonight was. $15 is normally how much we'd spend on a main.

Chef's antipasto selection, stone baked bread, bruschetta olives $30

The birthday offer promoted online was a platter and drinks for up to 10. When we were there it was changed to drinks for two instead. There was more than two of us. As we were off to have mains somewhere else the boys didn't order drinks. The banker never does.

If you don't eat pork this one's not for you, bring you pork loving friends. An antipasto platter is the perfect way to start a meal, with something sour, salty, smooth, creamy and fresh.

The place was quite nice, for a date. Service was good. 

Terra Rossa Restaurant Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Moving onto mains at Campari House in Hardware Lane. Where the birthday offer is a free pizza. Of course it's the cheapest pizza's that's free. By the way you don't need to buy anything to redeem it, but we did. 

Margherita $18

Freud the Banker eats strictly: fast food and drinks soda. He won't touch sushi, seafood or anything you'd find at a foodie event. So he was delighted to select the most basic pizza on the menu, being the picky eater he is. He rated this one as average, and commented you could find cheaper and better margherita pizzas elsewhere

Meatlovers w Salami, gypsy ham, Italian sausage, panchetta, cheese (fior di latte) $24

Lola had the meatlovers and seconded Freud's comments, recommending DOC Pizza. 

Prawn, zucchini, cherry tomato, gremolata $24

I always gets the seafood or chicken/feta pizza and this time it's the prawn. Gremolata is chopped herb condiment classically made of lemon zest, garlic and parsley. I'm iffy on zucchini but as it was thinly sliced the presences wasn't as if it were in chunks.

The crust was a bit too hard on the edges though, and was a workout for my jaw, which ached. There wasn't enough prawns, not even 8, 1 for each slice of pizza. They're a bit stingy on the prawns. 

As Freud said better pizzas elsewhere, for these prices which normal for small pizza shops we should go to Tip00 or DOC, or if you're looking close to home, Crust. 

Bathrooms were gross!! Service varies on who you get, but the blonde girl was lovely. Will we be back? No. The inside of the restaurant reminded me of the tab gambling places, though luckily we sat outside with the smokers. One day I look forwards to eating outside in a nice smoke-free area, but for now only smokers sit outside.

Do you collect all the birthday offers?

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