Fruitlife's Honey Toast @ Monday, February 29, 2016

Thursday 18th Feb

Honey toast within the last couple years we've seen popping up all over instagram looking delicious and fun. We've seen them at Sweetie & Mustache, in Box Hill, Sydney and Taiwan which seems to be the origin. Found at asian cafes, for around $20. That's expensive. So when we saw a $9 offer in scoopon, jas was happy to go.

Fruitlife is an asian Hong Kong dessert cafe located downstairs past Target on Bourke St.

Also marketed as an internet cafe, though I think it's BYO devices and we charge for wifi more like, due to the lack of computers. It was a large space with plenty of seats, we were the only ones here.

There were swings! Which jas was certain were not designed to be suspended a few inches off the group, as is his opinion as the theatre's tech guy, three on a seat swinging would have the ceiling coming down. 

Mango crepes were what jas wanted, as he'd forgotten to have dinner. Average and expensive was his opinion. On the same block was the durian place, that also offers crepes.

Can we get pizza to share? Jas said hell no!! XD

Tropical Rainforest (Display) $19!

Honey toast is a hollowed out loaf, about 1/4 length of a full one, toasted with some toasted slices inside then piled up with ice cream, cream, fruit and other deco. It looks awesome!

Actual. No grapes, and choc bark bite, also less pocky sticks. Cream was just pumped in as oppose to taking an extra step to use a pipping bag. It feels like the fast food ads, or frozen food. This is the perfect one, but what you get is average.

Ours had strawberries, melon and pocky. The ice cream was the cheap kind but not as cheap as the chocolate flavoured sauce! That was bad. The novelty of it was cool though. A try once thing. That you could DIY if you have a grill. Which I didn't know was in the top of oven. Our house back home had a 40s kitchen and the grill was under the electric stove top.

Would I get it again? No, nor would I recommend it.
Prices were high, quality very low. Service was average. 
The swings were fun! Safe? Not sure.

Have you tried Honey Toast? I'll be creating it at home now that we have an oven!

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