Wouldn't it be De-Lovely? A Picnic on a Rock. @ Thursday, February 04, 2016

Monday 18th January

It's hot and dangerous out there. Tall grass and snakes. And a rock, a bit one where someone may or may not have hung themselves. Lets go for a picnic there!

Picnicing by the portaloo...

Great idea guys. Well done. Lost 3 girls and an adult out there, and only found one passed out from the heat/dehydration. Naturally she has nothing helpful to say about the other missing girls. Though they were probably separate incidents, as they left hours apart.

The sniffer dogs can't find them which is unrealistic. They mightn't be able to find bodies, if they're not out there, but they sure can track them till they vanish. Clocks stop in the area, though there are magnetic fields that do that, claimed to be haunted.

Set in the Victorian Era it's the story of (3) 2 missing girls and their teacher, who picked a really bad place to go for a picnic, what's wrong with the lake?

The girls are weird. Miranda, the main missing girl, everyone's obsessed with her because she's pretty and also the ring leader it seems. Her bff Sarah, an orphan is weird, the silent type, though she does speak. She's obsessed with Miranda, who doesn't reciprocate the obsession. Is Sarah potentially a lesbian? There's something strange about the both of them actually. Miranda's all mystical saying things related to death, to which Sarah says later on, Miranda knew she wasn't coming back. That's bs, she's just on something or weird, probably pot.

Sarah's crazy. As an orphan in a movie she's bound to have her own adventures. Though why did the principal lie and say her guardian had taken her away? Instead Sarah had jumped from the roof. The principal knew the school was doomed to close after the missing girls and withdrawn enrollments.

Is that a picture of her late husband in a brooch?

Great hair. Wig most likely.

Mrs Appleguard went nuts, tried to climb the rock herself, fell or jumped with her body being found on 27/3. You could say that bad choice of picnic grounds ruined her.

Loving that hat! 

So what happened to the girls and their teacher? They're dead, but no one found their bodies, or someone else was involved and kidnapped/killed them, possibly somewhere else.

The girl they did found remembers nothing, everyone blames the survivor.
That's a great coat/cape piece! Reminds me of The Paradise.

We watched it as someone told me it's a classic, and set in the Victorian Era. Girls dressed in all white (other colours cost more due to the dye, white-ish/cream was the natural colour of fabric


A job interview with Wesfarmers included a fun test, mainly maths and situational things. 

Lunch at Kawaaii Curry in a weekday food court for the suits. The curry was good, not salty or loaded with MSG. The chicken, every single piece was tender, no chewy chicken, which cheap dishes tend to have. In the curry along with chicken was potato and carrot. Serving size to me was massive, I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner. Just need to add a salad. I'd like to see an option for half the rice and salad, instead of lots of rice.

Tuesdays evenings are best spent at the theatre, though any night I don't have dancing is a good night to go out :P But Tuesday often has cheaper tix. Not in this case though, for Midsumma you can get concession tix any day for around $22+.

Today's performance was the "Taste of the Festival" a bunch of small acts, excepts (wrong word) to encourage you to buy tix to the shows featured. Hosted by Comedy cabaret legend Dolly Diamond (Michael Dalton), we saw acrobats, singers, actors and comedians. Jas would have loved the dancers. :P


Trying new things can be great or gross. So gross in my case.

Dentist. There's something wrong with me, the dentist says it all stems from sugar and carbs, also our on the go snacking culture.

Shoe shopping. Only because I have to, as I sprained both ankles the other night.

I'm not too fond of the food court, but the end of the day is when you want to be there. End of the day deals! At box hill there's a few bakeries, 2/3 have end of the day sales. Cake World has the best ones. I'm currently looking for a bread thing I had back home, I can describe it but I'm not sure what it's called. Only found in asian bakeries. Though I once had a green  (moldy) lamington and so have a strong bias not to go to asian bakeries unless I know it was baked today. The popular city ones with a high turnover are the places to go.

The cake shop next to safeway was doing end of the day samples, I ate three :P and totally had to buy some, using the excuse that I was seeing jas tonight and cake is awesome!

Off to dinner. Somewhere new. As the theatre was out of the city we chose to go somewhere nearby. Notable places around were Andrews Hamburgers, DOC and imo the beach hotel but only on Wednesdays. DOC was new to us, as we never hoped aboard the pizza trend a while back.

Pizza ai Porcini $24
Wild mushrooms, truffle oil, mozzarella in boanco with grated DOP pecorino

Because cheese is always a good idea I ordered the mushroom pizza, with a very thin crust mainly made of cheese! It was perfect and delicious! With lots of mushrooms and only one slice with a burnt crust

Dessert was pandan chiffon cake $4 for two slices. Fluffy and light like eating a cloud! Jas was fascinated and delighted as this was the first time I've presented it to him ever. Really?! Its been like 7ish years and you haven't tried all my favorite foods that we can buy? Cause le beau has, he's even learnt how to cook my favorite meal food and it's not an American/western dish.

He was fascinated in the texture, weight and colour, as it wasn't what he expected at all! He didn't elaborate. But this sits at the most interesting observations of behavior, next to fan girl mode when he sees a chef he admires.

Tonight's show was Gender Bender. An orgy of cabaret, boylesque, vaudeville and poetry. Jess was confident topless playing a ukulele. It was interesting. Personally I'd add tassels :P


Is it Friday? Really? Feels like a Tuesday to me... we got up went to class, crashed missing two meetings. Dinner was next on the list. But first we got ushered in the crowd off to the tennis! A detour that was hot and annoying! No air on the trams stuffed in like sardines.

Dinner at Fonda. 7.45pm. I'm not really a salad person but this salad sounded very filling, healthy but still yummy. And it was! But it was a bit hot for me, and they didn't have sour cream? No worries, I bought my own! Plenty of chicken, although I'd like more potato please. The serving was huge! And for me I ate half pre-show and then 1/4 after the show, and then the final 1/4 for breakfast tomorrow. It's hot, but with sour cream it's the perfect salad for $15.

Tonight's show was "Carlotta, Queen of the Cross" I honestly have no idea who she is because I'm not that old or from here other than a gay advocate and transgender person. She wore a lovely dress with sequins and a feather boa. Starting her career as a crossdresser in the 60s she claims to be 72! But certainly doesn't look it! She inspired the film "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" and one of the main guys is based on her!


The non-food highlight of this week is a tribute performance tribute to Cole Porter. I am definitely a fan, and was introduced to his works through le beau. I love older men, as they know so many amazing things, slightly older, not grandpa though. Music fills you in a way that nothing else does, including food.

Great show tonight at 45 Downstairs. Michael Griffiths as Cole. THE Cole. As in Cole Porter!
"An American treasure, one of the most significant songwriters of the 20th century." He composed more than 1,200 songs for the stage and screen.

Paris in the 20s was the place to be! The arts hub, an era with Gertrude, Hemingway and the Fitzgeralds, and of course the legendary Cole Porter at the piano! It's an amazing show, totally sold out tonight, but it's on tomorrow, the last show! This is something for all those who grew up listening to his music, musical fans who saw his shows, oldies and newbies. It's a show for everyone!

Done ABBA the Movie style, Porter's works took us on a journey of his life, from his Yale days to meeting his future wife at the Ritz in Paris, Boris, back to Manhattan. And ending with how his wife and music saved him after an accident that involved being squished by a horse, breaking both his legs and damaging his nervous system. It resulted in chronic osteomyelitis, a bone disease, and in the next three decades he had 30 operations, including the amputation of his right leg.

This is exactly why I have never been on a horse, also something similar happened to someone I know, he lost his leg - as a child.

Some of the songs covered include:
  • Anything Goes 
  • Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
  • It's De-Lovely
  • Miss Otis Regrets
  • "Always True to You (in My Fashion)
  • You're the Top
  • Night and Day
  • Another Op'nin, Another Show 
Interesting Fact: Porter was a member of the Whiffenpoofs and president of the Yale Glee Club 

It was nice and cool outside so we went for a walk to dessert, at the Royal Stack which just opened on Thursday. One day we'll be invited to events, but not if I go home before then. :P

"Frozen" Custard has the same texture as "frozen" yoghurt or froyo as its known as. But perfectly smooth, though they both are really, but not as cold.

This week's movie is Brooklyn (2015) set in the 50s an Irish girl moves to America the land of hope and dreams, in contrast to her small country (?) town where everyone knows each other, and life is bleak. The main girl is very quiet and passive like on one else I've seen. I found it bland but the reviewers love it. Though my style includes murders, stalkers or people getting shot at. :P

Loving lady boss's style! Very Paradise like, with the neckline/collar.

Rhinestones are always a good idea. This looks like something from Alannah Hill.

Are you a 50s or 20s/30s fan?

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