A Swing High Tea with Headpieces! @ Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday 11th April

The Dress from the Engagement Shoot

Not as productive as planned the day was spent wallowing. It's wedding week. I miss him, and saw him at a concert on Saturday, though he didn't see me. Current mood: devastated. Our wedding was to be this Saturday, 16:00 16th April '16. We had our venue + caterer, the dress and everything else on hold. A wedding two years in the making, due the very popular location and date. 


Buying tickets for a show, location says go to head office as this branch doesn't accept gift cards. Head office says they do, someone's in trouble. I didn't buy the ticket from HQ because there's a $7 fee - yes there's a booking fee for booking in person too! Then there's the card fee, and mailing/printing fee. Hell yeah we're going to charge you for using your own paper and ink.  

The cheapest way to buy tickets is on the day in cash, but of course there are either no tickets or only bad ones left. All those online ticketing systems suck. Cash sales in person as soon as the event tickets are released are how you avoid the fees with the arts and recital center. They don't charge you for printing either and hand you your tickets right away. 

No I will not pay $7, I rather walk a few blocks with very heavy bags that are cutting off circulation in my arms. I will also enlist Lola who is an expert at customer service, and also file a form complaint. 

Picked up stuff at Lovisa, can you believe they don't sell online or offer free shipping if you spend over $100? There was a sale, I spent $837. Jokes, it was on sale down to around $100. Bought  27 things says the receipt, but I have 25. Don't think anything is missing, so something was accidentally scanned twice. It's not everyday you have someone clear out your entire headpiece shelf/rack. 

Waited for a wheelchair guy in the lift and missed my train! NOOOO! Just catch the next one, no big deal... no. It was peak hour, so because I missed my train I missed the bus that comes thrice an hour, which meant that I was almost an entire hour late for class. Add traffic, as it took 20mins to get from the station to school. It is not my day - fortunately our teacher believes in better late then never. Also there were two-three others who arrived after me. My excuse was that the guy at the ticket box didn't want to accept my gift card, and I had to hold the lift someone. 

Class was good, this one always is. It's a seminar. 

Fast forward to the show, Swing Man with Damien. It was ok, not a waste of an hour. Jas enjoyed it more than I. The venue was nice, the Malthouse. Afterwards we had cheese and crackers with cranberry jelly (the kind that goes with turkey), jas say it was meant to be fig paste? Guess who's in charge of buying that next time :P. We do love cheese, a bit of blue is fine though I won't buy a whole block. Yes it is a thousand calories, but how often do you get a cheese platter to yourself? Cheese and wine is something I associate with fancy event. 


Pizza with Lola then a stroll along the Yarra. Don't walk along Flinders near the aquarium. Cross across the bridge instead.

It's lovely outside on the other side without the garbage truck coming by every hour or two to empty the bins, no horses, no fast food. I smell everything, and sometimes don't want to leave my room. My neighbor two rooms away scents her room with deodorant much like the girls' locker room in middle school.

White or yellow lighting? White gives the luxury look, as when you think of hotels everything's white, the sheets, billowing curtains. On the other hand yellowy warm lighting is inviting. And  if you shoot with white lighting you can always increase the warmth. Vice versa doesn't happen.

High Tea at the Langham


Lunch thanks to NAB was a burger from, Mr Burger for $1. Before we dashed past coffee and to class. In which a rare thing happened - we actually learnt something we will use in real life. Like portfolios, elevator pitches and bios. 

After class we had a events marketing seminar with networking. In which an elevator pitch would have been great. Networking and people skills offline isn't one of my abilities, as I prefer the safety of a delayed response online. 


A day of errands we didn't get to the office till 2pm. Thanks for the flowers NAB, 5c.

Tickettek and I are not friends. Collins says we don't accept gift cards, go to HQ. Referring someone to HQ means you're in trouble, or will be when they tell me you could have processed it. HQ says they can do it, but with a booking fee. Hell no, so I took it back to Collins, who said no. Called HQ, waiting for almost an hour on call waiting after fighting with a machine to get through to a person. And then the guy at the booth agrees to process it when I ask for the T&Cs - using my lawyer-ing skills, as I specialize in contracts. 

The afternoon was spent fighting, something that happens a lot for me, due to bad customer service that I encounter weekly or more. No work was done before we went to the theatre. 

Bright World, (tell us about it). The set was a court, complete with that wooden rack of bars that no one seems to know the purpose of, and the dreaded beep test. Little did anyone know I had a panic attack in the theatre. I liked the play, it was entertaining though got confused as there were quite a few characters. Scenes from William Cooper's life, Hans & Alice in Vienna, Hans & Alice at school, and Andrea x Elise in present day, and then their backstories.


An underwhelming event that failed to deliver. We left starving, and that's how a midnight dinner happened, along with the story of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If you delete the negative reviews and delete the poster then they don't exist right? Wrong. Big time.

Dinner at Midnight.

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