Film Noir with Chris & Cheese @ Friday, April 15, 2016

Monday 4th April

The year has certainly gone fast! It's April and our special day was to be this month... so we're going to be keeping extra busy, filling up the calendar with projects and events. 

Beauty maintenance was painless, you could take on anything after a needle! Blood test, no red jelly beans. Nap... City. You know you have something special when you're going to meet for food at a cafe, but both bought food to share! :P Lola bought asian desserts while I bought a big beautiful custard slice, from the bake shop at William Angliss. Big and cheap but quality too, it was less than $5. It's one of the best secrets we like to share. 

Paletas with Lola. Pistachio is one of my favourites. 

Shopping followed, as we have a few giftcards to spend. Most of the stuff at MRP isn't my style, being more modern trendy disposable cotton on crap quality, though we did find a 'Project MRP' by RT, a label that did some better designs and quality. We picked a dress and shirt in navy and black. Pictures coming soon, after I iron them.

Off to dancing, morman's back! We haven't seen him in ages, though there's also two other couples we (miss) noticed were absent. It's not the same without the others. Have you ever tried to fix someone's hair, without touching them, by using their own hand? XD


Pedicure, flip flops. Those are scary, I much prefer my closed toed shoes, not a peep toe fan. Dirt, glass and dust gets in there. My neighbors amaze me by walking around barefooted. All the germs...

Tonight we went to see two shows, the first was Christopher Doesn't Live Here Anymore. A very entertaining show at the Trades hall as part of the MICF comedy festival, featuring many many adventures of moving from QLD, two tiny islands to Melbourne. With great stories along the way including riding a shark and face to boat action! XD 

The second show was much larger at the theatre, Akmal has a funny take on world events, growing up in Punchbowl (NSW) and life.


Meetings, hair, coffee, big black yoga ball sized balloon, dance. 

Some people are simply more gross than others and I can identify all my dancing partners by their BO. Also I hate it when we're at a similar height that I can feel their breathe on me. I smell everything, and have considered asking to be desensitized, though what if I have the opportunity to become a perfumer? There are days I can barely stand to leave my room.

I love Lush, everything smells great! Though the French Kiss is our favourite. 


The annual scavenger hunt around the city, my final one. It was much easier than the past years as they gave us tips and hints as well as providing clipboards. Why didn't we come first? Because one of the guys in our team got a question wrong. Like maths we should have gotten everyone to check it... We were beaten by six asian girls, and we were the only english speaking team... but the second prize was better than the first :P A giftcard that we're spending on dinner. The girls received movie tickets.

A gumshoe in a mac and fedora, lit by the glare of a solitary streetlamp. It’s a familiar image, although Humphrey Bogart never had the lamppost stitched into the lining of his coat. He didn’t speak as oddly as this, either

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a film noir murder mystery. Join Butt in a seedy world of sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge as you take the ride of a full-on interactive comedic experience. Kick reality to the curb! Play in a world of dark dreams and bad similes. ADULTS ONLY.

An interactive theatre performance, jas loved it, and I'm terrified of the spotlight when it comes to improv! And there was literally a spotlight! Creative use of lighting, meant Butt had a lamp strapped to his back under his coat. If you're a performer you'll love this. 


Some people are d**ks. Even in broad daylight not drunk. Oh so you're always a d**k. And it's not always teenage/boys in their 20s.

It's not normal be live, eat, go out and be alone, she said. Not like without a partner, but just in general. It was the way she said it which made her a total d**k.

Psych says it's not normal because humans are social creatures and actually need each other for a bunch of reasons, in the beginning survival. But when you live alone and make more than enough money to support your lifestyle, you don't really need others. What she was saying is that being an introvert is not normal. She also said you don't need alcohol to have a good time, true. But in my industry no one's coming if there's alcohol. To that she said I'm mentally ill. With a psycho smile I replied that I'm a sociopath :P Everyone was quieter around me for the rest of the day. Not that they were annoying or anything.

Dinner with the boys, both are new to the city, a 1st year maths teacher (damn I want his youth) and guy in Finance who's Indian but from Zimbabwe, where they have mango trees in the backyard! A two course meal, delicious as always at Red Pepper.

Next up was a beautiful concert at the NGV, that stained glass ceiling is lit by white lights, not sunlight. 'Pictures at an Exhibition' the perfect piece to play at an art gallery.

The city at night is lovely!


This year the annual Wine & Cheese Festival in Spotswood has come to the city! Well, North Melbourne, two stop away from QV Markets. Only 15mins by tram out of the city.

Wine Stomping

One of the three cheese stalls, all platters are $20. This one was the stinkiest!

Next we zipped back to the city and out to Clayton, Monash for a concert. It sounded modern and familiar, like that time we bought tickets for a modern piece (I prefer classic classics). It made nice background music, as I had a headache and soon passed out, during both halves! But it was very comfortable, a sold out show though being free, not everyone who booked will turn up.

Bamboo at Monash, there's also a pond and food trucks. Being a straight up office building we don't have any of that stuff. Though the other campus has a chessboard, a park (that we are not advised to go near) and a river nearby, with views that look nothing like the city.

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