A Temp. Life @ Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday 7th June

A job trial, not in my area, but a paid job. Plenty of jobs in my area, not many that pay though. In reality exposure/experience and networking opps. doesn't pay the bills. It's meant to be a temporary gig though there are girls who had the same intentions though have now worked here for years... I'm slightly worried I'll get comfortable and stay.

How do they do it? Those who work, then go for dinner and dance with the wife/husband. After work I have to take a nap before dinner!

Tonight we were too tired to go out, and there aren't many places that deliver around here, so I (cooked) created. Though it just involved heating things up, cooking the lamb and assembling. 

Tomato soup for entree, forgot the baguette, whoops. In theory the baguette bread would be a slice, toasted with melted grilled cheese. 

For mains, chickpea, potato, onion baked mix with baby spinach, tomatoes and lamb marinated with a basic marinade and thyme. Why lamb? That's what the butcher recommended, and he gave us notes on how to cook it, though I chickened out. Turning up the heat to 10 is a bit scary. 4-6 is the highest I'll go. 

Dessert, pumpkin pie! "Why is it sweet?" - Jas. ???... So it turns out sweet pies here, other than apple aren't very common. And pie is definitely our national dessert. No pictures were taken as lighting was ok, I was tired and didn't style the food. 


Work round two. Off to the dr for shoulder pain/strain which he says was acquired at work... life is hard. It didn't hurt at the time. He says I need a desk job, that'll be nice but it's WIP. Lola says it's cause I'm not used to it, Liz says see a physio. I don't know what to do...

I already have one permanent disability obtained during work experience, which has ruined my life in a way. I can barely write, play tennis (we have courts at home) which lead to massive weight gain. 

Not true, it's just physically exhausting. 

Work is exhausting  and painful. I always thought I'd be like father, he works, showers, eats, sleeps. Repeat. His sole hobby (other than shopping/gossip) is watching things on youtube. Bedtime is 8pm, for a 6am leave to the office. Too tired to do anything else I'd assume. I don't want to be like him, I want to be like morman who goes out every night and still functions. I'm barely functioning. 

A tablespoon of sugar makes the coffee go down, and keeps me fully awake during both halves of tonight's show. 


Off to the ballet! Little girls everywhere! As long as they're quiet and there's no babies. I'm slightly envious, I've always wanted to be a ballerina - up to the point where I met Lily and she said it hurts and results in deformed feet. Dressed up in big princess dresses ($400+) with tiaras I'm jealous. Now with purchase power I have ballgowns and my wedding dress, but back then I lived in pjs. 

Didn't wear my dress (a huge tulle one) today because I walked/trammed/trained here and have things to do. Later on it would rain. Huge ballgown princess dresses aren't practical on a day like this. Only if you go directly to and from the ballet, by car.

I have a fever, clarity not so much, so we forgot the camera... Fortunately lighting within a glasshouse is pretty good (the sun came out today!).

The Flour Market's Afternoon Delights. Normally happening in the am there's a series of pm pop-ups! Designed at those who either don't work, work part -time. Which mainly covers college kids and stay at home moms. What am I doing? Working part-time, while spending time job hunting instead of studying these days. 


Meetings, shopping and being too tired to go to the concert. Selected the wrong venue, whoops. 

The June EOFY/tax sales have commenced! Shop till you drop wasn't the plan but was what actually happened today. First stop DFO. Cheaper than normal shops when after a bargain. Be careful not to buy stuff you'll never wear/use though!

All the buys that would fit, clothing/shoes not included.

Lovisa we love, though they don't sell online?? Picked up a ring, princess cut, and matching tennis bracelet, along with some earrings and pink penguins. The later are for some headpieces. Pink snow winter wonderland themed. White/glitter foam base.

Paypal was down so I lost the shoes. NOOOOOOOOO! During that down time my size was sold out, the only size to sell that. It cost me +$60 to get them instores without the online discount. At $160 for runners I'd say that's full price. I also regret not shopping around, because the other stores were cheaper and had extra % off.

Lesson: shop around, pay by card.

That beaker didn't last a week sadly, the candle smells amazing! Like le beau's perfume. 

Cotton On was having a clearance, $10 everything almost. Cheap disposable clothing is not my style, but they had stuff to stock up on for the gifting shelf. Little purses, candles, glassware and co.

I actually came only for shoes and a dress, but ended up there for 4hrs. Whoops. Other than regret of the day we also found the awesome dress of the quarter! Along with a blue potentially work dress, that I was iffy about the pilly and texture, we bought a black dress.

Not any back dress, a fancy but not a meter wide/tulle one! A formal lace/faux satin dress with flattering sleeves (could be improved as medieval bell style) and a pearl waist. My budget doesn't include $250-$300 dresses, but at $90 it's mine! Great deals, all the dresses at Review the Outlet are $90, though sizes are very limited - unless you're sz6.

I like look at shoes, but hate wearing them.

Up to Emporium, the Ecco Outlet is try outlet style where x only comes in size y. Extremely limited, we discovered THE shoe for me was on sale! Down to $180, this shoe is not only expensive, it doesn't last more than 4 months. But it's the most comfortable thing ever!


Dinner at the office, delivered as on weekends the kitchen is closed. It arrived on its side, there's green stuff everywhere! Probably won't do a review on it, as it was mush & mash. 

Starbuck's Secret Menu Pink Drink has been a hit on instagram. Tried to order it here, but nope they don't have the same ingredients so I made my own! It was good but artery collging and a occasional thing. Also noting opposite seasons it's freezing here!

Strawberries + Coconut milk + White grape juice + Ice.

Bad decisions happen, I just needed one churro but accidentally bought a platter. It was wet inside but the manager said it was meant to be like that as it's a fresh batch/dough. Not happy won't return.

Winter nights are perfect for fresh air, with a lack of people around. I may also have had a fever for quite some time now, the dr says it's dehydration. 

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