Afternoon Delights at The Flour Market @ Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week 2 of The Flour Markets 

The Flour Market is something that has le beau lining up in his sleeping bag in a camping chair on a weekend morning at an ungodly hour (oh wait that's Lune Croissants), but it has finally moved to afternoons! Well this pop-up has. "...a series of weekly mini bake sales, called Afternoon Delights, this afternoon. The pop-up will take place in Melbourne Central, on the bridge that crosses over Lonsdale Street, every Thursday from 3pm to 7pm for the entire month of June.

There’ll be an eight-vendor line-up each week that rotates through some of Melbourne’s best bakers and pastry chefs. Over the five pop-ups, breads, biscuits, doughnuts, cakes, cronuts, croissants, cruffins, tarts and more will be served." - Broadsheets

Are we early or late? Early. Usually sold out by 4.30pm we recommend getting there at 2.30pm and bringing cash, also a friend to hold all the stuff while you buy/take pictures!

Yes they take card, but cash makes things easier. We were the first ones there. Lines were crazy (not pictured). I sent a friend a picture and he asked what's with all the asians. XD I didn't see it till he pointed it out, think it's because the bakers today also have a base in Singapore/developed asian countries and have a big asian following?

Batches of 20-30 were let in at a time. Clumps. There wasn't pushing but single file lines outlined with washi tape on the ground would have been nice. 

There were vegan slices, french pastries, Luxbite, Vickie x Ray's treats, pretzels, a cake stand, and ice cream in a donut. We're here for Vickie, and Agatha's patisseries.

Gold foil croissants... $12

Vickiee Yo does beautiful cookies, we all know they taste like butter and sugar, but they're so beautiful!! Today in collaboration with Ray, the duo offered some cakes as well as things covered in icing. 

Check out that line on the right. Good thing we were early! 

A cruffin is a hybrid of a croissant, a popular French pastry and a muffin, first known to be created by Kate Reid of Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. Until now we've never had one (le beau doesn't like to share, they're that good!). 

Salted caramel and custard filling, a muffin shaped/style croissant, topped off with a piece of peanut brittle. - Agatha $8. It was awesome! Being me it was consumed neatly with a fork, I'm not putting my face in it. Delicious and perfect in every day, we loved every bite of it. The perfect size for two, we have to get it again! There's also a Nutella filling. 

What a cute cookie! $4.

First up was the choux custardy puff with a slight cookie crumb crust, garnished with love, buttercream and a  cube of matcha fudge, to compliment what was within! Matcha custard... Yum! $8. It's the puff under the faux filter paper.

Being Studio Gihili fans we had to get toroto!! The donut shaped chocolate cake with nuts for ears, and soot ball. Tasted good though a bit average, it was all about the novelty factor. Along with the beautifully decorated cookie. Though toroto this time was a black sesame butter cookie. 

Vickiee was the headliner and was sold out by 4.30pm! Agatha was very popular too while Moon, Cobb and Billy less so. 

So cute!!

We spent $34 this afternoon. For taste go to Agatha and Vickiee for the puff, for food porn and more likes and pretty things go for the cookies. It's a great event happening on Thursday afternoons in June, be there at 2.30pm if you want to beat us in line! :P

Can't wait for a trip to the South Melb Markets!

Have you been to the Flour Market?

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