Dancing Cabaret @ Friday, June 24, 2016

Monday 13th June

This is not my day. Tired and unproductive. Too tired to even sit by the stove and stir the cauldron. Actually the kitchen is dirty, there's spilt coffee, pasta and that toxic noodle powder everywhere. I'm not cleaning it. And neither is anyone responsible. For a houseful of people who only use the microwave and kettle the mess is amazing!

We had a lapse and dropped a beaker. The new carpet is squishy, so we'dd expect it just to bounce back. Nope. It shattered. That'll teach all the people who walk around barefooted. 

All trains and trams are replaced by buses, taking the long way around. And so we walked a couple miles to get around it all. It's freezing, I forgot my gloves, and I missed the deadline to order lunch this week. It is not my day.

I'd love to dance here! Does anyone else watch the New Year's Concert?

Morman (1 out of 6) is back dancing after a trip somewhere warm and sunny. It's funny how many people get tanned/burnt on holidays. A closed book as ever. No pictures of blog link of the trip were shared. No pictures of animals doing it either. XD The diver in class took pictures of animals doing it on his trip.  

My kinda party, yes it's a ball. In costume. 

Dancing on my own and going twice the speed limit, no I don't march to my own drums, but I can't actually hear them. Or do, but can't keep in time.  Before bed is when the brain is most awake, reflecting on regrets, memories and that huge growing to do list. Not for me, dancing on my own isn't the best idea. It allows my brain to think, now that is trouble. 


It's Sunday as I write this, and the week has been a blur I sniffed and had a sore throat throughout. One of those weeks where you barely recall anything, including the three shows you saw last night. 

Work, nap, show and ice cream. Advantage of working during the day is not having to set up/pack down. It also makes you more normal then say working the night. There's three shifts and I'm hoping to never getting the morning one. 

Tonight's show was Joel Stilgoe (UK) Songs in Film. Disney/Pixar melodies, studio themes, 80s tunes were among tonight's assortments. We had a really good time, and went for ice cream after. 

Introducing a new +1, Jessie. Jessie's a pretty cool guy with hair like Jesus, while my memory is vague I think he was my lab partner in bio, though we never disected anything. Or maybe he was just in my class. While I almost never (or perhaps just once a year) run into anyone from school we met in the hallway last week. He's potentially a new tenet, moving in, as I'm out.

Scroll Ice Cream is popping-down soon since popping up around since last November, it was a Saturday and we were the first customers! If you don't count the Taste Event. Creating a higher demand, get it while it's hot, or rather cold. 

Cheesecake is my new favourite. Though rose & lychee cheesecake with mint would be amazing. Jessie had the refreshing raspberry sorbet with mint, which was very good too, if you're after something citrusy and refreshing. I often prefer creamy.  


We spent the day cooking, tomato soup, and meatballs & mash but different. A review on Tucker Box is coming up next week.

We went out to see a show and for dinner and dessert. The show was average, it wasn't bad nor good. Its a show that makes me ask if there's a panel to approve shows, for them to go ahead. Like a book editor. At the end of shows they ask you to tell your friends about it, or shut up. XD Later on I'd have a discussion with Mr Marvel (he wore marvel earrings) about this. When invited to write a review and the place/show sucks, do you write as is, knowing that it'll decrease the chances of future invites from all, or do you write nothing? Or the third option, while informatively with no opinions. 

Dinner at Lukcy Coq, a $4 pizza place and relative of Bimbo Deluxe (aka Hell in Fitzroy). If bimbo was hell, this was limbo, with a retro look. How does furniture get to hell? You burn it. Here there was part of a truck in a mismatched 50s-70s diner, a pool table, old school game machines and couches that you'll sink deep into. 

Down the road for dessert we went, to Scroll. Banatella for him and Cheesecake for me. Yum! The pop-up is popping down till next summer in July. And we intent to make the most of the time left, popping in whenever we're in town for a show! 


All pianos are obstructed here, on the left. 

I thought it was Saturday! Went to another dr, took the bus home to deliver something and off to the city for a concert. Paganini's Rhapsody the first time I've heard it in concert, and not played by me or le beau. Ives featured four pianos and a keyboard! The stage was overflowing onto the choir stands, the first time I've seen them used. 

Cheesecake after the show wasn't as good as I recall. 


Also Saturday! We are having a particularly unproductive week in cooking adventures. The ever occurring mess in the kitchen, not caused by me, is a challenge. Especially as I cook around lunch, and the cleaner doesn't get here till the afternoon, and I go out at night. 

The monthly changes in phone service providers means I'm left without connection for phone/internet for days. Do we have the yellow pages? I want to find out when the restaurant is open. Nope. Even if we did that info isn't in there, and it's not like you can call them. The only method off communication is via mail. Which takes two weeks to get there.

Being disconnected doesn't stop us from going out! 


An infection meant we couldn't go dancing. So we stayed here at the house and did some work offline, as were were disconnected from the world. With no phone and internet I couldn't book my weekly food delivery, pay for it, book the dr or anything. 

Theatre Life is going well, this week we saw five shows and only one had me wanting a refund for my time. Talent and confidence are two completely different/separate things, and on the rare occasion that you have both it results in death. Said Ash Flanders. XD

I met a gentleman wearing marvel earrings who said he'd seen 100+ (sorry I forgot the number) shows this year! At 54 he's doing it all and an inspiration. Up to three shows a night at the fringe and comedy festival. Where does he get all that energy? By day he's a state school elementary teacher, by night theatre goer. He says the other teachers, 30-somethings are too tired to go out after work. I know what he's talking about, I need a nap to go out after work. Le beau gets up early to go to the gym before work and is there by 7.30, then teaches music after school before coming home. He only goes out on Friday nights (after coffee) and Saturday. But I go out most nights/dancing or theatre, as I don't really know what's happening with work. Where do these people get all that energy?

How was your week? Seen any great shows recently?

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