Work. Eat. Theatre. @ Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Tuesday 28th July

Do you think strawberries make your teeth whiter?

The dentist wants me to get those back molars out at some point... not a fan of the dentist, no matter how nice/gentle they are. Nothing personal. I just don't like teeth. I've got 99 problems and teeth don't need to be one of them. Life is challenging enough, I do wish teeth was something we didn't have to worry about. Lola in her 40s said she hasn't had fillings since she was a kid! And like me she's a sugar addict too.   

Got hit by a pram (yes pram, not tram) while crossing the road. I hate prams, pram drivers think they're all so big and mighty ramming into everyone! We were out for a bit with an ice pack, and so the tarts I was after were sold out!! Went for ice cream, but it was cash only. This is not my day.

Dinner was slightly better. Not realizing how small the space was we didn't make a booking, I'm too unpredictable and late to make one anyway. I'd book it for the evening but can't give a time of when we'll be there.

Indian inspired really isn't the same. 


Bake Sale! Regrets were made, bought this and not that and the likes. Who knew that cronuts were $7.50?! Also I swear prices were higher for some stalls at the pop-up, compared to at the cafe. 

An evening at the theatre. Singing in the Rain is le beau's favourite musical, Andy loves a song from it (though died when he found out where the song was from) and it's pretty awesome. A great experience! We got lucky and bought lastix $80 which is the cheapest it gets. Unlike other shows this one isn't sticking around for 6mths+ with potential $50 rush tickets. 


If brunch happened around 3pm we'd be there! Otherwise nope, not morning people. Afternoon tea is more of our thing, catching that last light. After weeks we finally made it to Banque Cafe for Crepes. 

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, staring Zac Efron (High School Musical), Andy from Modern Family and Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods) and a girl from Parks & Recreation I haven't seen before. 

The film far exceeded our expectations set by the trailer. It was one hilarious adventure the girls took the boys on, on a family vacation/destination wedding. There's fireworks, people doing it, getting hit by a car to meet guys, and lots of funny moments, as well as connections formed. 

If you loved Wedding Crashers you'll like this one. 

We're having an "inspiring" week with Indian inspired food earlier this week.  

Dinner next block down from Jam Factory, at Amigos, a franchise of resturants with Mexican inspired food. What does Mexican inspired mean? Spices toned done, designed for white people. :P Sadly it also meant no horchata or grilled corn on the cob, this isn't Fonda. But there are tacos, burritos, enchiladas and co.

Other things we did this week involved baking! Also neighbours eating my food! Never leave things unattended, not even stuff baking in the oven!! Bring a book and watch it bake. I really don't like the boys, they're gross and messy!

Guess who's not trusted with money :P I already have one of these books, though not with this cover. Both books are 'read once' books from Borders, still with stickers. Borders closed down here long ago, I have never seen one here, wiki says they closed in 2008. The Beauty Bible seems to have come from the same series as that book they say not to go to the beauty counter without. Printed in 1997 things have changed since then like the identifications that some chemicals e.g. the big 5 baddies in nail polish are bad for you (though really anything unnatural would be bad anyway), and contouring/baking/strobbing has been created/identified. There's also things like primers that we didn't have back then. Still it'll be an interesting read.

We love novelty stuff and this owl candle is just that! They had a whole collection, three sizes like these and a bunch of them atop tea light candles. Pretty candles to never use, we plan to create a terrarium like thing.

Does anyone have a shelf/bookshelf for decorative things?

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