Grill'd Ballarat @ Thursday, August 11, 2016

Most places that were open at 9pm on a Saturday were $25 a dish! Where do the locals eat? There were quite a few chains, one of which was Grill'd, lets go there!

I know that we didn't go all this way to eat at a chain, but Grill'd is always good (we have one on main street in town) and there were things on our to try list. 

This is the biggest Grill'd I've seen! And they do get booked out around 6-8pm during dinner. 

Shepard's Delight $13.50
Lamb w Dijon mustard, shaved parmesan, fresh slaw & egg mayo

Chips Share Plate $13
Sweet potato, the classic, zucchini 
w sweet chili mayo (my fav), herbed mayo, hot chili mayo

To me Grill'd does the best chunky hot chips, that herb mix seasoning and sweet chili mayo dip always hits the spot, on this platter the classic serving size was sightly larger than the other two. The sweet potato was perfect, something rare as it's often burnt, devine paired with the sweet chili mayo. Zucchini I've never had before, not as a veggie or chip. Tasted like? Batter. 

Trio of Sliders $15
  • Vintage - Beef with aged cheddar, spanish onion, relish & herbed mayo. The pimped cheeseburger. 
  • Brie Chick - Chicken with brie, cranberry sauce, tomato, herbed mayo. The tomato was weird, I'd replace that with lettuce. 
  • Beet Chick - Chicken with beetroot, mint & herbed mayo. This was very good, mint in a burger I haven't had before.
A delicious selection that's cute too! 3 for $15 or 2 for $12.

Service was great, we were the last customers to leave at 10.30pm. Early for city standards, but it's Saturday night and we got to get up early for church tomorrow!

Grill'd Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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