The Scandalous Lady W (2015) @ Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A movie length episode, that was a bit empty on plot hence felt like an episode, a filler ep.

Man sues wife. 
Wife tells the court what he's into. 
Both are humiliated (it was the 1780s).
Wife wins. 

What did you think about happen? XD
He lost the case, she loses everyone, but gets part of her money and a new life. 

But it's the costumes that we're really into and that hair!

The Scandalous Lady W. Lord W likes to watch his wife with other guys, while touching himself. She's not cool with it but does it anyway as their vows were to love, cherish and obey (for her). She falls for the last one and they run off. Husband sues lover, a lot of money, claiming damage to his property aka the wife. Though she counterclaims that she wasn't worth that much, though their bedroom adventures. He gets a shilling (2015: £5.54) while he claimed  £20,000 (2015: £2,220,000). 

Her lover leaves her "My love for you has declined" much like your credit card XD. Husband claims the baby (even though it's not his). Lady travels aboard and starts a new life in France. 

A detective indeed! It's Young Endeavour Morse!

Those cuffs, the brocade, and ruffles!

Feathers! We do love big hats and feathers!

Anne Boelyn (BBC Tudors) x King Richard III (The White Queen). He'd be related to her through marriage. As her husband Henry 8th's wife Eliz. of York came from Eliz. Woodville x Edward 5th, and Richard 3rd was his brother. Henry's great uncle on his mother's side I think that makes him. I do love finding all these actor x character relationships! 

We're here for Natalie Dormer, though compared to Anne Boelyn Lady W has no depth at all. The movie lacked depth, are was an easy watch. An easy watch means you don't need full attention to watch it. The costumes were nice, oh those hats with the feathers! Though there wasn't anything fancy. If it's costumes of the same period you're after check out Marie Antoinette with Kristen Dusten. 

Red always looks lovely. Though in design this is less authentic of the era.

"I belong to no man. And while it is my misfortune to live in an age of men, I will never belong to any man ever again."

Do you like costume dramas? Any films to recommend?

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