One Week. Seven Shows. @ Monday, September 26, 2016

Tuesday 13th September

XD It wasn't that kinda sensitivity, more about diversity and going the extra mile.

A meeting. Sensitivity training. Fingers crossed we aren't in the same space long enough for me to accidentally offend anyone. It seems like back when we were at school it was a different era, where there were no disabled people and being gay was considered a mental illness. And you were either a girl or boy, the other gender box wasn't an option. Also special people went to special schools. 

A visit to 'The Barre' where all the musicians hang out after the show, while we guess what's in the case. Mainly violins. Cheese matched with wine, jas's fav was the blue cheese. I like all the cheeses and the fancy dried sultanas with the thing that isn't cranberry jam (quince paste?).

Dinner at Father's Office was a failure. The batter was too oily and felt wrong, the salad dressing too. But there were crispy fries! Fish & Chips was what we ordered. This is the first time we've visited early in the week, I guess the regular chef was off tonight. Fingers crossed when we visit for an event later this month all will be good. Otherwise the chef is going to hear it straight from mother.  

I did really like the cheese. Discussions with the accountant. How much do I need to make a year? At least 100k he says, to fund my lifestyle, though that's without accommodation taken into consideration. Eek, my starter salary in theory is 50-60k a year. Life is not going as planned. Update - Someone else said starter salary is 40-45k in Sydney. 


The biannual shopping festivals aka VIP 20-40% days, the first time since we started events that we didn't go. Too sick to go, limited energy. Lately we've just been to concerts. Classical music. The guy next door likes R&B, blasting it through the wall and down the hallway. Bio guy is four doors down and can hear him. Waking up to R&B is one of the worst noises you can wake up to, apart of a certain someone's voice. 

Someone decided to bypass the gates at Surrey Hills, got hit by the express and died. In the process hundreds of people were left waiting for hours for the train. I have never seen so many people in the area, moving like ants! Where are you all going? They're going from the station (outbound trains cancelled) to the tram about a mile down the road. With all the delays we were late to the concert, for as well as people everywhere traffic was at a halt. Yesterday the signals were out, today a station was out. 

Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto I'd have to say is my favourite of the collection. 

Afterwards we stopped by Melbourne Central, most of the stores were closed by 9.30pm. So many missed events today that we didn't have energy for. Luckily Typo was still open! Bought my 2016 Diary. Glitter, yes. Purple, no. That was last year. For 2017 the glitter diaries are rose gold, well more bronze.  

Update - Confirmed paper is too thin, the highlighter goes straight through. Looks like we're going with the blue kikki-k one.


We missed the morning meeting though made it to the second and obtained some job searching/applying tips. Cold calling and asking for a straight up interview rather than applying online. 

We passed Box Hill where there's mooncakes! Boxes only though, and some shaped like pigs... But what if I just want to buy one? Nope. They're sold by the box.

Back to the city aka home, we got some work done for the blog. When you can only use data and there's no unlimited internet at home, you'd be surprised how expensive it is. I've blocked youtube, gifs and all that. 


Lunch at Jenny's. A baget but westernized. 

Some days go more to plan than others. We never made it to the house tour today. Instead we stopped by goodwill and checked out all the nice things that don't come in my size.
There's  $200 fur coats and stoles (fake) designer brands  ($50+) even suits made in Italy!! Beautiful cherry pin up shoes not in my size.

Discussions on old things and books. As you don't read most more than once you should donate them? Hmm.... idk. I mean I spent so much on them. Should have went to the library instead.

Off to the city. We were distracted and missed dinner. Opened at 5pm, sold out by 5.15pm! I'd guess people got there at 4pm? Plan b. Tandoori chicken from Safeway sucked. Rice too hard, chicken too fake. The salad was better.

At the fringe. The first show I wanted to see was sold out :( the second wasn't. Mama Alto jazz and blues, background music and music for funeral to me. It was nice though and ended with a slow bluesy rendition of 'time after time'. Piano bar music.


We made it to the 5th piano concerto! With all the traffic delays and issues it's a bit of a miracle we're getting anywhere on time this week. Beethoven's Emperor. The most well known of the five piano concertos.

Afterwards we checked out the Skylights projection at ibm. Nooo!! It doesn't come up in my pictures! Did you really see it, if you didn't take a picture?

The night was young so we went for dessert, mooncakes and waffles. 

Crispy and airy it was awesome! Needs more icing sugar, though a light drizzle of salted c or nutella would work too. $2.80 takeaway from BlackBall in china town. Not very English friendly... 


Stress sick we missed a concert and dance. Two of the best things in my life atm. Love the arts though I'm not an artist myself. I make pretty things. Also have an idea for a master's thesis, it doesn't fit into business though, more psych.

Four shows a night, because we like to make the most of our time left.

Deja Vu All Knowing - Dance/performance. A possessed marionette dances. It's freaky and the source of nightmares (complete with old fashioned circus music), but with amazing facial expressions and movements! Reacting to sounds, every movement is executed with precision.

Cosmonaut - A hilarious comedy with strap ons that light up, great lines and a demo of cosmo magazine's 10 worst sex tips ever. XD It's for adults only and hilarious. Not one of those awful late night shows we've seen.

Laura Davis - A depression comedian. Talks about rape. Mother's favorite word and topic. I'm out, it sucked and was lame. It's exactly what I hate about uncurrated things. Jokes about maple syrup bottles in the intro and conclusion. A lot of "amirite?". No. High school talent show gone wrong.

Andre Tonight - A wannabe parody of a late show host. The host is annoying, untrustworthy and not so charming. His suit is also too tight. Side kick on the keyboard plays an alcoholic and drug addict artist. At one point a wine glass falls and shatters. No shoes makes an interesting combo... why? Why did someone approve this show? It was awful.

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