The New Curve aka 'The Barre' @ Monday, September 12, 2016

Tuesday 30th August

Tonight we celebrate the revamped Curve Bar now renamed 'The Barre' pronounced as 'The Bar'. Going to be great when you tell the guys to meet you at the bar, and they ask which one :P. You can see why it was called 'The Curve Bar', as it's above the ticket box in the spiral building of the Arts Center. The building is round-ish, the bar is within a curve. We're going to call it the 'old curve bar' to make it easier to meet up at. 

Centre Stage Spritz
A gentle blend of Four Pillars gin, rose water with a splash of dry 
vermouth, lemon myrtle & cassia syrup, finished Persian fairy floss.

On arrival we were offered the cocktail of the month 'The Centre Stage Spritz' the perfect name as the new floorboards of the venue are from the old Hamer Hall stage which was redone two years ago.

That does sound nice, both the floor and drink. I loved the fairy floss, it was thicker and more woolly rather than the usual ones which are airy and cotton like. The drink itself? It burns... sorry that's all I got. There is a possibility that I actually have an intolerance towards alcohol (with the exception of Moscarto & Pimms).

Stomping Ground ‘Gipps St’ American-style pale ale

There were plenty of drinks on the night, something for everyone, except those who don't drink and are vegetarian actually. But there was refreshing cucumber infused water and ice cream. 

After speeches canapes arrived, by then Andy had had a few too many drinks, as it was about an hour between the bar flowing and food and people were starting to leave, we did consider it too, but Andy was very persistent on the pulled pork sliders. 

Freshly shucked Coffin Bay Oysters with Four Pillars gin and tonic emulation & finger lime pearls - I had my first oyster and didn't like it. It smells like the sea, and was a bit slimy though the lime pearls did help me swallow it. *shudders* The end, those edges was the worst part. I guess I'm just not an oyster person. 

Mini pork sliders - Smoked pulled pork with apple & fennel slaw on a mini bun. A sweet bun, damn if only this was fried chicken *I don't eat pork*. Andy loved it and was soon chasing the waiter for more!

Cured Salmon with creme fraiche, lime pickle & fried capers - Fresh and fun, I could see these expanding into a salad for lunch!

Peking duck rice paper rolls with shiitake mushroom & hoi sin sauce - Absolutely delicious! We love love love peking duck! Not too dry or moist with too much moisture from the cucumber, just right!

Pistachio crumbled tofu with spicy onion jam - This was a unique creation, I liked it, as tofu on its own doesn't have much flavour that is until it's paired with the fabulous onion jam! Think caramelized onion.

Dessert soon arrived, much to our delight, as we'd booked a tour for around the same time dessert was to be severed. *Time management skills*

White chocolate basil panna cotta with coconut gel - I love panna cotta, while the three elements were in perfect harmony as a flavour match the white chocolate was only a hint sweet, and I would have liked it to be sweeter. 

Vanilla Gin & Beer Ice Cream - Stomping Ground Brewery x Billy van Creamy together created three delicious ice creams! There was a beer one, vanilla gin and something milky. The vanilla gin was my favourite, I'd buy this in the 500ml tub if they'd sell it! My chef friends say it's always a challenge when it comes to alcohol and ice cream, and so this was extra special. We're not too clear on the details of tonight, as we were't invited as media. Also I have a fever.  

Throughout the event guests were invited to go on a tour of the 'Stage Presence' exhibition, which concluded with a visit to the top box of the State Theatre! It's high, but not that high. We're told the view is good for ballet, and these seats are actually among the cheapest in the house.

The Barre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks Time Out & The Barre (Arts Center Melb) for one delicious relaunch! 
We look forwards to stopping by after the show for dessert, or cheese & wine!

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