A Voyage to... @ Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday 3rd October

Job interview, pays min. wage of course. Why is it so hard to get a paid job? Maybe it's because of all the internships, which in my industry doesn't pay? And how does one obtain a job that pays above min. wage?

Down the street was a good will. I love op shops for mainly nick knacks and decorative stuff I don't need, but also vintage, costumes and things to revamp. Op shops aka goodwill can be very cheap if you know where to go, and the red cross/salvos is not one of those places. Instead look for smaller ones like mecca, sacred heart mission, epilepsy and the likes.

Also know the areas, e.g. camberwell is well stocked for the races but dresses are $50+ hats $30+. Whereas at small shops you can get $20 dresses max. Also things made in Australia and Italy! These days nothing is made in Australia other than Cue. 

So what did we buy? A kimono-y thing, 80s trench coat, a Korean velvet Shakespearean coat (BNWT!), a red skirt, a table cloth, diet spoon and mini scissors for a seamstress themed headpiece.


Nightmares, which might very much be real. The first bf haunting me, with the offer the last made but then withdrawn. He asked me to marry him, but then changed his mind. Though I wouldn't have married the first one. He's actually dead and I haven't thought about him in a decade. Felt like I didn't sleep last night thanks to that. Productivity was 0%.

In the evening we went out for dinner, where I discovered I hate dijon mustard.

Speak Less Than You Know with The Tinalley String Quartet 

The highlight of the week, a strings quartet by Beethoven accompanied with a readings of his letters. He was glad to embrace death, as with his hearing gone he was not the same and struggled, avoiding social things in embarrassment. Elise was never mentioned in the selected letters, no piano here. 


We got very sick, from... coffee! It was the milk, I forgot to ask which brand they use, as I have a reaction to certain brands.

Saturday - Missed the ballet *was sick*. Devastated. It was Sleeping Beauty. Though we did make it to the work event, Star Trek, the Concert. I know as much as I did when I entered the gates, plus one thing: it's set in the future. Met a girl.

Sunday - Still Sick. Didn't even make it to dance in the evening. But we did make cupcakes, and vacuum.

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