Dine with Deliveroo @ Thursday, October 06, 2016

Wednesday 21st Sept

Deliveroo has rebranded their logo! Created by London agency DesignStudio (+ slideshow) the logo has been simplified to feature a kangaroo's head (a polygon with two eyes and two ears) while maintaining their teal color theme. It makes them much easier to spot around town, on restaurant windows.

There's an event in every state, and tonight was Melbourne's turn! Hosted at the beautiful Quat Quatta in Ripponlea (a well known wedding venue, in event circles). 

My +1 asked what's so great about Deliveroo? *Not been a city person* Well, for one they deliver up to my office, and the places that use Deliveroo are premium restaurants that don’t traditionally offer delivery. It's more than just your local restaurants delivering, it's those popular places everyone knows too. 

Drinks floated around along with waitress to refill glasses, as well as an open bar, though we didn't check it out, as one of us is driving and the other is working at the bar afterwards.

The Main Table

Danielle @designinwords & Jasmine @jhdesigns 

In the corner you could get your name/text written in calligraphy! It's an art that we have yet to dabble in, though we did take a class on it. The girls are running a workshop soon, follow them to get the latest updates on, dates/venue. 

I do love sushi! The perfect snack/lunch/impromptu picnic food. 

Soon dinner was served, a couple platters at a time to avoid a stampede. This where the +1/assistant comes in, someone to hold everything while you take pictures.  

Bruce Lee Sushi - The Teriyaki Chicken was delicious! We love those crunchy fried onions on top! Can't wait to visit for lunch in the city!

Huxtaburger - There was a guy who we thought was taking a picture hence that very steady hand, but it turns out he was filming how fast the platter would take to disappear! Pictured is the perfect size snack, 'Rudy', kids [sized] burger with beef patty, tomato sauce, cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato. 

Over the course of an hour-ish we sampled...

Bruce Lee Sushi - Teriyaki Chicken
Huxtaburger - The Rudy aka Classic
Itali.Co - Vegetarian Pizza
Hanoi Hannah - Sashimi Spring/Summer-esque Rolls
Poked - Sashimi w brown rice

\We were thrilled to see Huxtaburger tonight, as they're my favourite burger joint, because their buns are like no one elses'. The secret is that they've created their own bun that is oh so soft and fluffy, baked by Breadtop. Though I am excited about trying out Poked and Bruce Lee Sushi soon, two new places I haven't heard much about. 

One of the rooms, the sitting room. Yes that is a fireplace, and it's real!

There were speeches and cake. Dessert Parlour is a rapidly rising online bakery with donuts, cake, cookies and their hyped macronut (macaron x donut) which we have yet to track down. They've just popped into the spolight over the last couple months, and we've had the pleasure of consuming (after photographing) their marble donut cakes (link). Tonight they created the cake for the event, a beautiful lemon cake with buttercream frosting.

Also for dessert was ice cream! There quite a few flavours too.

Will's Batch Ice Cream

To take home were event cookies from Mrs K and tomorrow's lunch thanks to Two Good.

Two Good (NSW/VIC) is a new idea, where "You eat one. We treat one." For every lunch they sell they donate another lunch to a Domestic Violence refuge or soup kitchen. Menus change weekly, for lunch and there's also 1.4L organic muesli & granola jars. It's delivery only through Deliveroo. 

Drinks. DJ. Deliveroo. DSLRs. Four things for a great night! Thanks Deliveroo & Sydney Public Relations for creating a great event, we've now got a few new places to try on our list!

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