A Christmas Party @ Alfred's Homestead @ Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday Lunch, 3rd December

Another day another party. A lunch out when suburban homes meets the country. Long winding roads, I saw a horse and sheep on the way here! There's buses though being borderline country don't expect them to come often, so do drive.

What a unique location! Living the city we don't get out as much as we'd like to explore.

Alfred Homestead. Country feel, the deco makes the place feel warm with the color theme and farm deco. No pictures because there were too many people, well, we were asked not to include people (not that we were planning to) due to privacy and the likes. Keeping the lens straight down at the food, hence the angles.

We started with soup, vegetable and pumpkin soups with a swirl of cream. We need green stuff for deco. Chives. Stock based with herbs it could have been creamier but still healthy with the use of potatoes. Lightly seasoned it was nice and not too salty, though could have been creamier. The secret to my pumpkin soup is sweet potatoes.

Mains consisted of turkey, beef, pastas, a pasta tasting pastry thing (that was too salty) and roast veggies. Yes this plate is HUGE! The gravy was way too salty, the cranberry sauce watery an hard chewy potato tops not crispy. The meat was good though.

It had a school camp feel (from exactly one experience of school camp where one of the facilitators had a thing for me - I specialize in attracting the wrong sort of attention). Quantity over quality it didn't taste like a restaurant but something else. School camp, in cabins.

We had a huge slice of pavlova for dessert with only a little cream and half a strawberry  (my favorite shop is 60% cream 30% pav and 10% toppings). Served with artificial strawberry sauce and passionfruit that resembled its inspiration more than the strawberry. 

There's something very retro about the way this is styled wouldn't you say?

Other options for dessert was fruit salad (no cream) and sticky date pudding with custard.

Soup for entree, massive mains buffet style and an alternative of three desserts. Fruit salad, date pudding and pavlova! You won't leave hungry on this set meal. Over a good meal, that reminded me of school camp. Good for huge family reunions but not so good for those used to good restaurant food.

We had to rush back to the city for the next event so didn't get to explore, though my +1 said this is about it. While it was lovely, I feel like a water feature was missing. Company was fine, though I didn't like conversation. Someone said a wedding here would be nice, what a joke! Though it really does depend on your standards.

Have you been to Alfred's Homestead? Would you have a wedding here?

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