Catching Up - All the Food @ Saturday, December 17, 2016

There's a dollar shop in Brunswick that sells a huge variety of fake fruit and veg!

They also have dark cherries! The steams aren't great but I'm only using the fruit part.

Our favourite cake shop had this one day! I've never seen these gradient cakes there before... unlike Beatrix & Alice they don't post on instagram what their daily bakes are. As most of the cakes they have daily, except this one. I'm after a slice of this in purple. 

We're been regulars at Aqua S, fortnight visit. 

Is that a banana plant?

This is how I cook. This happens almost daily. That's right I can't cook porriage. And I did follow the instructions on the pack. I shall ask the house mother how to do it correctly next time. I'd do it on the stove, but I normally microwave food while getting ready to go out.

Home baked crossiants smell like heaven! This was three houses ago, oh how I miss our industrial kitchen! The one that was a constant mess, and the microwaved was the most used appliance.

Macaroon towers are quite popular for parties, at $3 a cookie how much do you think this tower costs? Then there's setting up fees, delivery fees and sometimes cake stand rental.

Moon Cake! This one's my favourite from Jerky House. It's mung bean I think.

Another favourite of ours, pandan cake. No one I know who isn't asian has ever had it before?! Angel food cake but different says jas, for I have not had that. So magically light and fluffy!

Someone said the Pancake Parlour reminds them of IHOP. XD It's very expensive though! Basically you gotta dine before 7pm to get a main under $20. There's lots of promotions, and you could almost always find a BOGOF short stack deal for $12. If you're paying full price you're getting ripped off.

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