Friday Favourite - Handbag Hooks @ Friday, January 20, 2017

As someone who dines out often too often, at places that don't have a cloak room (recently learned the movies don't have a cloak room, even for advance screenings or opera/ballet on screen!) we need a spot for the bag, which only happens if I go out alone and aren't punished with an assigned seat at the single bars. The floor isn't the cleanest place and so a bag hook is perfect!

They're less than $3 on ebay and come in different colours and shapes. 

Designed to be collapsible they don't take up much space. 

The cheaper butterfly ones do though, as you can't close them.

They can hold up to 3kg, though don't work with thick handles. 

You can buy them in gift shops here though they're a rip off. Go straight to the source: ebay. Sure you don't get them in a bag or box, but you'll be paying a fraction of the cost.

To get the cheapest price look up both the au and .com (worldwide) sights and compare using conversion rates.  Something else I wanted to point out is my hatred for multiple ebay listings that allow sellers to cheat, though adding a cheaper item to list to get their item up higher in the lowest-highest price ratings. 

Recently a new design has come out, it's a more basic one made of plastic and cheaper at around $1 shipped. I've got a few though only use them around the home.

We love these bag hangers so much we ordered 20! For the ladies around me. A handbag essential! Especially at the studio where we don't have a locker room.

Do you use a handbag hook?

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