Moving Prep-Week @ Monday, January 02, 2017

Wow we're like a month/3wks behind! How did this happen? Moving houses too many times, four times in four months? 2017 blog goals include being a week and a half behind at the most! 

Monday 12th December

Working in retail-ish makes you realize people seriously suck, if you didn't know already that is. There are stingy people but then fortunately there are also generous people to balance it out. We have noticed the stingy ones tends to be asians, the ones with accents. One tried to get away without paying today, thanks to a gentleman who judged her, she felt like she had to pay. :P It helped that he was quite tall. XD

Security never came to lock up *sigh* and my car never came. We finished at 5pm, and by 9pm when the building was being locked we were asked to leave. A four mile walk home, with the heaviest bag I have. Both my camera and book, along with 6kgs of stuff from work. 

Exhausted we dropped off the stuff then called for a car to go out for drinks. It might be only Monday but boy, do I need a drink!


Dentist. City. Scrolls. Bing. Packing. Moving.

We're bargain hunting experts - I have a shirt to prove it, which will be framed once I find it :P Today's bargain was some scrolls, the same that Doughnut Time claims to be donuts.

Oregano Scrolls. Filled with well fillings, like apple & cinnamon, cinnamon, cookies n' cream, salted c, banoffee. 3 for $10 a bit before 6pm, but keep watching, it goes up to 4 for $10. My favourite? The cinnamon. These serve 4+ per scroll.

Dinner at Bing Boy, Pretty n' Peking's my all time favourite! 
The wrapper might have changed, but the sauce still drips.

Up to the house to pack, on the way we picked up some kaya (it wasn't smooth and wasn't good) and Japanese snacks. Strawberry Pocky $2.80 was awesome! Being a 34 degree day it was quite soft and you could really smell the strawberry coating. We found those Pumpkin Bake Kitkats! Calpris used to be $3-4, but now is $7?! Also picked up a few other things like noodles, for emergencies.

We're ready to move! This is what minimal trust looks like. I personally moved everything else myself and tore something in my arm in the process, turns out I'm not anywhere near as strong as I am.


Drafts. - Baking trials, batch 3 and 4 of vanilla thins. Batch 3 was the best so far. I can't seem to achieve that all crunchy no burn level though. 

Dinner at Knoxfield Thai.

After dinner we went to see Christmas lights. Warntina South was awesome! Interactive with toys that played music, including rock around the clock. :P The next house was in Rowville, silent. No one around, early days says the owner. Very pretty still though. The third house was in Burwood East, just lots of bright lights. I'd go with skipping the third.


It seems like half the people who go to SGH end up dead! That doesn't encourage me to op for surgery where they're iffy if they fix it or not when they open me up.

Desserts and drinks before dinner at Bistro Morgan!

Around the corner we stopped by the Meatball & Wine Bar, which just launched last night (alas we weren't there, WIP). 


Up at Melb Central we had 'Mango Iced Tea' from my other favourite cupcake place, Cupcake Central. I love boba though these sitting without the liquid were a bit dry. Otherwise perfect as always. Freud had the watermelon which he said was very real.

Lunch at Bing Boy, checking out the new summer menu. We're a fan of Bings, they're egg crepes and are served like a wrap with fillings inside. There's also bowls.

Our next leg of the journey was down to South Yarra for a movie. 

There's something about french films, the one selected to be shown here tend to be a bit blah and average, with the exception of two good ones we've seen.

Up for Love tells a story of a woman who overcomes being judged by family, friends and society as a whole to marry a guy who's a bit short (tv magic, the actor's a lot taller than his character, maybe it was a body double?). That's about it. He's a great guy and he's rich! I think if he wasn't rich it wouldn't have compensated his height. One of those situations, much like if mr grey (50 shades) wasn't rich he'd be like a major psycho.

Afternoon snacks with Little Cupcakes, our other favourite cupcake place. Celebrating their 9th birthday the ad said it was free, but the store said it was a buy one get one free. 
Oh well, I suppose you're mention to ask to speak to the manager or HQ, but my assertiveness waived. We had the espresso and snowy pistachio, the perfect mini bite size with a punch of flavour. 

A couple hours later we found ourselves seated at the very high table in the courtyard ay Maya. As i bought Freud along I wasn't punished for dinning out alone like the other time, where I sat at the bar balancing my bag, coat and camera on my lap, trying not to drop anything or elbow the people beside me. 

Every-time we're here it's on a deal and tonight's no different, I swear groupon keeps this place up.

Back to the city for dessert, this time for sweet crepes. Le Petite Creperie, opposite Town Hall. Freud's never been here before, or anywhere that doesn't do cheap fast food, being a banker - read a Scrooge. We had the coco choc banana, damn should have asked for salted c sauce instead. 

On our way back we stopped by the house.

House 2.5's renovation has been completed. The sink is still tiny and too low for anyone, but the hallways are blindingly bright, the walls are white and the carpet's being ripped up.

We've moved rooms, instead of a built in wardrobe with shelves, and draws, there's an older way taller one, with a moldy fridge instead, and shelves that aren't in the right place. We're coming over to clean tomorrow.


Cleaning and dinner from Sapa Hills 2. Experimenting with lighting.


The Last Stop

Regrets I have quite a few. I regret not exploring regular route, hoping off the bus to explore.

I've always wanted to go all the way. On the school bus. Well it's not really the school's bus, but it is during mornings and afternoons on weekdays. It goes past Chadstone and Carnegie's main street. So many delicious cheap/normal priced places to eat at!! Though all this appeared after we moved away from that area.

We were invited to buy tickets to a fundraising wedding. lol. The idea is the ticket covers all the costs and create a profit. Debt is what normally happens, not break-even and beyond. I am not a family person, nor did I want to go to a brag fest. 

Instead we made the easy trip down to St Kilda Beach, one bus from our local station. After four attempts we made it! To a session of movies on the beach, tonight was 'Love Actually' closing night. There's all you can eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream, though the catch is there's only two flavours. Still we had a good time, though it was certainly not a summer's night and we wore winter coats.

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