The Annual Yum Cha @ Oriental TeaHouse @ Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wednesday 21st December

Yum Cha for dinner we can do, Sunday mornings don't happen as we barely make it to church on time :P. Chadstone was our first and tonight we're back a year later, jas is still 30mins late and we have to save him food *sigh*. At least this time it wasn't me saving food for two people.

$30 all you can eat yum cha had waiters going around with trays. Drink orders are taken at the beginning and around dessert. Turns out you can actually order more food (the same that has been floating around) when they call for last orders. And it's inclusive.

Iced tea we love! Yes I do know it's sugar + flavoured water. Peach melba, raspberry coloured. $4.5 Sweetened more than bing boy (the last iced tea we had) with a hint of mint.

On the table were three sauce plates to share, one dip only. Chili, Kewpie mayo and, sweet and sour sauce. There was also soy (bottle on the right). 

We started with chicken san choi bao, minced chicken and veggies, well seasoned with soy sauce, not salty. This along with fried rice were the first asian dishes we learnt how to make at school.
  • Chili pork dumpling
  • Fried pork wonton
  • Spring onion cake - potato cake like but not as crispy
  • Wagyu beef dumpling - chili kick!
  • Rice paper prawn. Deep fried. Bamboo shoots. Bk sesame
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Silken tofu deep fried. Salt and peppered

  • Steamed baskets - last time there were six... Ginger Prawn - the yellow one and pork
  • Peking duck - Yum! needs much sauce and cucumber
  • Eggplant. Boiled. Nope nope. Sweet soy sauce made it ok. Otherwise bland.
  • Saucy beef - chewy with a salty sauce, we need fried rice to go with it
  • Something green w soy dressing
  • Octopus - never had that before, a tiny chewy. juicy. it has little buttons...

  • Choc balls
  • Custard buns
  • White chocolate. Very doughy needs more coconut
  • Egg tarts - not served hot, case too flakey
The middle tables (we sat at the back) had more variety and food than us eg. steamed baskets, egg tarts, etc. Which wasn't far. Perhaps we should book a table by the kitchen?

While there was less food than last time it was still pretty filling. Jas was a bit upset about the lack of the essential pork bun which didn't happen - that or I didn't see anyone else with one. There wasn't har gaw either, I mean I reckon there was but it wasn't served to our row. There wasn't fried rice or stir fry chicken (but there was calamari and octo). For dessert we weren't offered egg tarts, nor was anyone in our row, so we had to order them after a while when we realized it wasn't happening. 

Along with the octopus, the calamari and eggplant (bland, boiled) was new. 

Service was minimal but adequate, but served friendly than last time - minus that part where not everyone had the same thing (but that's not a service thing, is it?). Cause it's not like our row was served something that no one else got. Perhaps we needed to book a table closer to the kitchen, though that's where the bigger group tables were. Being the Wednesday before Christmas they would have expected a crowd therefore catered more? But they didn't so I can't recommend yum cha at Chadstone again. Book a table by the kitchen or try another location.

Last thoughts? This place is quite expensive if you order off the menu! 
We'd only dine here for the $30 yum cha deal. 

Our last visit to ChadstoneLast time we had yum cha was around this time, the Tuesday after Christmas, at the Chapel St location.

Where's your go-to yum cha place? Have you been to oriental teahouse?

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