Cupcakes Delivered. Eventually. @ Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cupcakes. Delivered? Yes. On Time? Two Months Late.

8.55am. Half the house was asleep. The door rings, but before that I could hear the delivery guy chatting away loudly on his phone in a foreign language. Arrgg, I prefer to be woken by the sound of the scanner beeping, one of my favourite sounds. This is to date the loudest delivery guy we've had, and I'm a regular online shopper.

9.45am. Well the camera battery died as soon as I turned it on, so I guess I'll wait. Fortunately the cupcakes was well packed. There's the delivery box, inside there's a silver padded bubble bag, inside that a block of ice, then the cupcake box. I'd expected  cupcake holders, but it was a plastic box (the supermarket type) to hold them all in place! Good job packaging guys!

6.45pm. They've been in the box and they're fine. Indoors though outside it's 27c, the buttercream has kept its shape. FAQ on CC says keep up to 3 days, NOT in the fridge, or they'll turn into rocks. 

9.45pm. Cake time! We sent Andy four, shared another four with the house (1/8 of each is perfect for me, the house says 1/4) and the last four are saved for a picnic tomorrow.

An Assorted Set. Four Flavours x3. Three Sets of Four.

Still looking great the next night! Picnic at the Park.

The Flavours are: vanilla, chocolate, chocolate but with mint frosting and red velvet. I would have done a cookies and cream instead of mint, to have a set of four classics. Also cream cheese for the red velvet.

Andy - Cake didn't taste good, made me feel sick! *Ate 1.5* 

House - They're good, though some are drier than others. The buttercream was good, not too sweet and the right amount. *Eats 1/4 of each flavour* Four shared between four cupcake lovers.

Charlie - The red velvet was the best, not too moist or dry, but I agree with the house. To me they were average, but not my go to. Earlier this week we had Cupcake Queens and those were a bit fluffier and I much preferred them *I had the red velvet then too*. Also the red velvet delivered had a buttercream frosting and not the usual cream cheese.

Overall they're good though not amazing. It's great that they deliver and don't use packet mix (Cupcake Bakery, I'm looking at you).

Would I recommend Cupcakes Delivered? No, based on service. It wasn't delivered on the date ordered (21/12), which really sucked because it was for a birthday... it's like when your caterer doesn't rock up (yes that has happened, work event). 

Delivered two months late, after numerous messages that were seen and ignored (love that feature on fb/insta) and their number was disconnected at some point too. When we finally got through service was very friendly and next day delivery was organized.

The thing is that these cupcakes for my niece's 6th birthday last December during the break, she sat watching the front door for a week getting excited every time someone approached the gates (we bought her an ice cream cake instead). 

Through facebook it appears they're known for bad service, as in failure to arrive. The truck broke down and v'day cupcakes were a day late (they should have booked a courier to deliver it on the same day), and some arrived battered after the trip.

Delivered? Yes. On Time with Good Communication? Nope.

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