Five Restaurants & Two Shows @ Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Monday 23rd January

Another lovely evening dinning by the waterfront. You can't dine at South Wharf and not sit outside! It might have rained but it was still very nice, a cool day among summer days.


Dinner at Henry & the Fox, and a show was on the list tonight. We love gnocchi!

Glory box - A mix of normal people and creatives in corsets, those red heels, latex and vibrant blazers sporting coloured hair. Everyone's got cellulite, they were normal size (as oppose to stick insect thin) and rocking it. There was ass shaking, wearing a dress of string that covers nothing, wearing nothing but a curtain of pearls and many acrobatic acts. I might have seen it all before but I'm still impressed!

Highlights of act two was girl with the wine. She put the cork in... places. Definitely wearing nude underwear under lace right? Nope, if she was she wouldn't have been able to pop it out like that. XD Mother wasn't invited but would have had a stroke! Dad would have been very amused. :P Over the years all my friends have been exposed, and some are more scared than others.

We loved the red balloon finishing act! Red bikini with those scary pin plates (think wooden metal file used to clean dance shoes). A bunch of balloons, then two huge bundles!

Overall a great show! Lots of parents in the crowd, some hid behind their hands. XD 

We got up at 4pm, I was up earlier but my ankles ached and I felt like a slug so we took a nap. Still made it shopping, to dinner and the show! We were even early for the show! Expectations are low these days. 


Dinner & Dance! Three trams later we were late, due to unexpected Friday traffic on a Wednesday. One delicious and healthy-ish dinner on the way to class. We also stopped by the library and movies.

Working the parade, these were some of our favourite shots/groups. The blue group I think in Korean. The second group are pros at performing. Little guy in yellow, aren't you glad it's not windy? :P Ancient Egyptians! Queens in heels walking a mile, now that's impressive!

We were on our way to lunch and in the food court there were quite a few good deals including at Healthy Fusion Sushi, strange name but they had cheap sets and bentos! Adding this one to the list.

Lunch at Hakata, the new chicken based one at QV, well outside QV.

Aqua S - Mandarin and Tiramisu. Never before has ice cream gone straight to the bin. But never before had it had a strange grainy texture. The first disappointing flavour or rather texture.

Kinky Boots. So sparkly! We love Lola's backup girls and the sexy cop outfit! We only saw the second half of the show as we had a nap and missed the first half! It was a long day and a place to crash in the city would have been ideal. I'd love to go see it again.

Everybody Say Yeah - Not melb but great quality.


I fell into a ditch again last week so we're in pain and resting sadly, so no dancing. Instead we went to dinner at Zikrayat Lebanese. Everything was delicious/interesting and the service was great!

How was your week? Are you on holidays?

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