Keeping it Wireless with Vividwireless @ Monday, February 27, 2017

Charlie received a trial for a review. 

When I first moved out in 2015, one of my biggest challenges was access to the internet, obtaining it that was. As renters we can't add any wires and so that eliminated chances of getting home broadband, and so we had to go with tethering data from the phone to the laptop. It's quite expensive and most certainly not unlimited! I pay/paid $40 per month for 10GB of data monthly (12mth contract), but as a blogger that's barely enough, and that's with all gifs, and youtube blocked! Say goodbye to Netflix too. The only tv you'll be watching would be on the actual tv, there will be no streaming. No internet radio either. 

And so when I was offered a chance to review Vividwireless I jumped at the chance - gosh I wish this was around back then! My number one reason to go with Vividwireless? Unlike other internet providers, Vividwireless uses a wireless internet connection (not cables or DSL - through a phone line) through a simple 'plug and play' modem! There is one cable that goes into the power point, and you don't need a phone/land line. 

Vividwireless is designed for data rather than mobile phone services (think of it as a box of data), which makes it so much more affordable - especially if you split it with your housemates! - As long as they're sensible and not the 24/7 streaming/torrenting/gamer type. 

  • Price - Very good for cable-less. 10GB/$20, 40GB/$59 and unlimited/$89. The rate for unlimited is around the standard when compared to other providers. 
  • Speed - Up to 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload.
  • High Usage - Youtube and streaming is quite good
  • It would be suitable for sensible use, and family use

  • Speed - On the not unlimited plan slows down after you use your allowance, obviously you get charged if you go over (but this is with every provider)
  • Distance - You got to be reasonable close to the modem, as it doesn't work or is super slow down the hall, even with browsing (we have an Edwardian House with six rooms, though it turns out this is only if you have an old house with multiple internal brick walls, if you have a modern wooden house with hollow walls you'll be fine)

How much is it?
Plans start at just $29 per month (Unit cost per MB $ .0015, speed is limited to 64Kbps once data allowance has been used) to unlimited GB access for only $89 per month.
- Month-to-month plan the modem costs $199, with no lock-in contract or
- 24 month internet plans = includes modem 
+ $10 delivery fee

10GB Internet Plan - $29/month
40GB Internet Plan - $59/month
Unlimited Internet Plan - $89/month

How can you get Vividwireless? It's quick and easy, and is only three steps!

1. Check your coverage:
2. Purchase the modem
Call Centre: 1300 327 837
In-stores: Harvey Norman and The Good Guys
3. Self-activate your internet in minutes once you get your modem!

Life hasn't been the same since we discovered Vividwireless!

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