Charlie dined as a guest.
Wednesday 15th February

Summer Cocktails with Lillet's Presse Frose! 
Like an adult slushie but with wine, oh how fine!

A park by the sea, how lovely that'd be! In the concrete jungle out on the wharf comes a pop-up lawn boarded with white picket fences, red flowers, and green vines. There's a swing, lawn games and a bar! Just around the bend from DFO South Wharf it's the perfect spot for a drink after an afternoon of shopping!

Featuring Lillet, a French aperitif created by brothers Paul and Raymond Lillet in 1872 in the village of Podensac in Bordeaux. Made from 85% Bordeaux region wines (Semillon for the Blanc and for the Rosé, Merlot for the Rouge) and 15% liqueur with quinine and orange peel, Matured according to tradition in oak barrels. A lovely subtle blend of selected wines and fruit liqueurs! 

Served before a meal as an appetite stimulant, best served chilled (as you would a white wine) and can be enjoyed on its own over ice with optional orange slice, or in a cocktail. - Eat Love Savour

Rouge, Rose or Blanc? There's three fruity & fun cocktails to choose from.

The 'Presse' is a refreshing mix of rose, with lemon and grapefruit.
Served frozen like a slushie it's the perfect summer day's treat!

Live music in the background added to the relaxing vibes and we loved the nostalgic songs like 'The Tide is High' aka Lizzie McGuire theme song, our favourite show from middle school!

Lillet Blanc in particular is the perfect companion to appetizers such as smoked salmon, caviar, gruyere, and fresh fruit; though it's always a good idea to had food with drinks. There were oysters, chicken canapes, salmon on fried eggplant and my favourite - succulent juicy lamb ribs with a BBQ marinade! We'll definitively be returning to Common Man very soon!

Lillet Vine - Blanc based with tonic water, cucumber, strawberry and mint.
An upgrade from the classic combo for infused water after lunch!

Nothing says summer in the city like drinks by the water with a fruit platter! 
Except pineapple cups, though that's for a more on the beach, sand between our toes vibe.

Cocktails and Cheese! My absolute favourite feature at every party is always the perfect cheese platter, with seasonal figs and raisin toast which I've never thought to pair with cheese before! You haven't lived till you've tried raisin toast with blue cheese and muscat raisins in one bite!

Photo by Where To Tonight

Featuring a range of fun and fruity Lillet cocktails, the Lillet Secret Garden Pop Up Bar is open from noon and, here for a limited time only before turning into a outdoor cinema! Come on down for the perfect riverside spot for after shopping and/or pre-dinner drinks with Lillet!

Lillet, available in Rose, Rouge, and Blanc, and is avaliable at all Dan Murphy's stores, if you don't make it to the bar in time! We've also spotted at a quite a few dinner spots around the city!

Have you had a summer's worth of frose, in the sun with Lillet? It's not too late!

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