Thursday 23rd March

A visit to a favourite of ours, where the food is always good though does vary between pretty good and "Can I buy this to take home?".

Located on little Lonsdale I can't imagine Angliss being a place you'd stumble upon. You'd have to know about it. The clientele would be friends and family. And me, I think I actually found this resturant through looking at open day/potential enrolment.

A training resturant for students, the only other one of its kind is homesglen gw, opposite the wave pool, a bit out of the way from public transport. 623 st kilda/gw bus from gw/mtw.

There's other student services out there like dental, hair and beauty, physio and all the likes. Student training schools. Things is they're cheap but only open till 4pm and not open on weekends. But if you can do check them out. 

Life's simply pleasures include soft white bread, oh so fluffy!

The Menu - It does change, but can be found online.

Cured ocean trout, lemon and dill jelly, apple and celeriac remoulade*, smoked yogurt. 

*Rémoulade is a condiment invented in France that is usually aioli- or mayonnaise-based. Although similar to tartar sauce, it is often more yellowish.

Braised beef short rib, potato cream, shallot salad, port sauce

Chestnut flour gnocchi, wild mushrooms, truffle veloute, chestnut chips, pecorino

Sirlion steak, caramelized onion puree, watercress and peppercorn butter, hand cut chips. 

We ordered medium though it was more like medium raw. The caramelized onion and peppercorn jus was beautiful while the chips were a bit weird, traditionally pan fried so not crispy as preferred.

Baked chocolate brownie, caramelized banana, macadamia ice cream

A chewy brownie with delicious nutty ice cream and awesome caramelized banana (the best way to have banana other than deep fried).

Coconut rice pudding, textures of basil, pineapple and mango

The professor had the rice pudding which reminds of risotto XD I'm really not sure about rice in desserts unless you turn it into mush perhaps. I prefer rice in savory dishes.

Service was excellent!

Have you dined at Angliss?

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