Thursday 30th March

Feeling lost with those colours, cheap and cheery.

Thai Cuisine. What do they sell? Refer to title.

A small place. Strictly mains only. Yes to card. 50c for take away.

I'm still not sure about that floor and the seats together... 

Damn no deep fried banana. 

Service was slightly friendly (depends on who you get) and fast.
No. 28 Tom Yum Noodle Soup $7 (small/chicken) Soup dish with thin rice noodles, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galingale, mushroom, corn, tomato + Rice  $2 = Total Cost $10

A light tomatoy tom yum soup, with the added rice (serving suggestion) it turned the entree into a main! It was good though nothing amazing.

One of my neighbours didn't really like it and only had the soup - lunch thief! Through elimination I have a pretty good idea who it is, no.6. 

On the very same block a few doors down was their newer sister store. I'm after milk tea and was referred to Raan Kan Eang. $3.80 but I was distracted when I got there by the awesome lunch special! Going till 4pm this is the latest lunch deal you'll find!

$12.50 two course lunch sets with a drink, we're sold! 
Four sets to choose from with a tom yum in the bag we went for option d.

It's lovely by the window with happy yellow walls this place is newer than the original and suitable for a casual meal. The earlier reminded us of rose garden bbq and the likes of fast and cheap student eateries.

Chicken Soup - A light peppery broth with minced chicken, mushroom, grated carrot and spring onions. Exactly as described though fortunately not too salty or peppery, but just right.

Pad Thai - No this is definitely Kar kweoy tao. Dry chicken but very generous serve! The box was twice the size we'd expected! Serves 3-4. not too oily. 

Still good after being bought back to life from the freezer (5 mins microwave with a glass of water). 

For $13 this (the chicken soup and huge box of noodles) is of great value. Get takeaway, pay 50c for the box and end up with at least two meals. 

Quick and cheap, very filling with no/little frills add this to your student eats list.

If you're after pad thai join us on Tuesdays at Bangpop, $10 special.

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