Lost in Dental Hell @ Saturday, March 04, 2017

Tuesday 21st February

The View from My Personal Hell. Though Hell isn't a Place, it's a Feeling.

It has been a long time since Sunday, we have pain meds but they aren't cutting it. And this is how we found ourselves once again at the emergency department on a Tuesday night. *whoops wrong Tuesday, my perception of time is iffy in hell, because really it's just one long day of a life that never ends*

Jasmine Cuisine Delivered - Indian dinner, low on spices and too sweet. 
This tastes like I made it, and when it comes to savory food that isn't a compliment. 

We're consulting dentists like they're dates! Getting second and third opinions. Each with their own scans and details. No. 2 says root canal though the damage may be too much and perhaps we should just get a new tooth. It would be drilled and screwed in! I'm too young for this!! Doesn't this happen in your 40s/50s??

Dinner at Pepper Lunch


If you didn't take pictures did it really happen? It depends how believable it is.
This afternoon we traveled to the end of the line, Alamain. The two last stops only have one platform!! And the train is three carriages, it's also the shortest line.

Confidence is not something I have when thrr dentist does a 15 minutes of less job, even if there's no drilling. Because that toothbrush is scary and quite similiar!

The session was followed by therapy, retail therapy. 

This is the exact one I bought ($30 says the sticker on the box) for $6 at a goodwill/op shop a real opshop, so not one the two mainstream red ones.

Appleslinkies! Here's a demo.

To keep the “brown” away, I soak any cut or peeled apple (slices, grated, wedges) in cold water with a bit of salt for about 5 minutes. Drain off the water then absorb the excess moisture with a paper towel. Store in preferred container. The salt doesn’t leave a taste like lemon juice would.

It makes it easier to make apple pie and stewed apples (for desserts/on the way to baby food) 5.48 

Don't think you can make zoodles on this as it holds onto the core and would create waste.
But you could do spiral potatoes, cucumber spirals work too. They're so fun to use! I can't wait to deep fry some potatoes/apples and cover them in cinnamon sugar!

We also bought a HUGE jar, two simple vases, three books and five silver roses + that apple machine all for $20! And the paris giant cookie cutter.

Came across this, we had one of these at school XD. Just in case your hems got shorter over the weekend, it was stuck to the wall in the common room.

Friday & The Weekend

Through Liven app we're discovering new places that we wouldn't have ventured into on our own. Like Little Billy and their delicious salads and desserts!
A concert to take my mind away from all the pain. The first picture was taken standing up, the third was my actual view - not much. We much prefer the music hall over town hall.

Going out for pizza in a party area on a Saturday Night? Massive regret!
Archery! it's summer, hot and sunny with no shade, it didn't go well, but there were points for turning up and effort! One time it hit the board, but they bounced right off! 

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