Cake & Coffee @ Hugo's @ Friday, July 21, 2017

 Wednesday 28th June

Hugo's used to be perhaps a newsagent (or maybe that was YOMG...) till they built the area and apartments across the road at the station. Its been here for years, and the cookies in the window look great but I've never been here, till Katherine suggested it. 

Hugo's best seller is that bird nest, though all those melting moments do look amazing, especially the red velvet! We'll have to be back for that, they're big and $4 each.

For a Wednesday morning it was sure busy! Mainly client meetings.

They have cake, cookies and ice cream!

Everything looks amazing... fancy though without giving dessert shop vibes. There's so many cakes and cookies to choose from! $7 each, cheaper than towards the city. $11 for coffee and cake. In this town you could get lunch for $15, though there aren't many lunch specials.

She had the Toblerone cheesecake, smooth and rich as expected. Ah so that's why I haven't been here before, because I know what everything tastes like it's too predictable.

I had the carrot had that was quite bright and had orange too, it was less of a true carrot cake. Needs poppy seeds, also a frosting that covers all the top. The cream cheese frosting was a bit stiff, beautifully pipped on top with glazed dried fruit. The orange glaze really helped in keeping the cake moist, though was a hint dry.

Note that the cakes serve two, something we discovered along the way.

We both liked the chia latte and hot chocolate, no matcha lattes here but there's tumeric and Workshop Bros is on the same strip.

Above average the hot chocolate was, perfect in sweetness too. I do prefer Mother Dough though that's in another town. 

Service was quick and friendly, at 11.30am it was busy and we got the last table! 

Much busier than Hawthorn on any Wednesday morning.

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